When it comes to playing music on home windows PC, one of the most typical platforms used by majority of the users is home windows Media Player. Likewise abbreviated as WMP, that is an applications of media player that allows the users to pat audio, view images and videos on your PCs and also other devices. Developed by Microsoft, home windows Media Player works on pc with Microsoft OS and also mobile devices based on Windows. If you have your repertoire of favorite songs on home windows Media Player and also wish to reap them on her iPod, climate they have to be moved to the iDevice first. On the various other hand, if you have actually some of her favorite songs on iPod and you no longer wish to store them on iDevice, then you can transfer the song to WMP so the you have access to her favorite playlist. For this reason you have to sync iPod to windows Media Player in bespeak to complete the carry process.

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The following write-up will help to understand the ways to sync iPod v Windows Media Player and also transfer music between Windows Media Player and also iPod.

Part 1. Carry Music from home windows Media Player come iPod utilizing iTunes

Naturally, if we want to carry music from pc to iPod, the first thinking is if iTunes together Apple"s official application have the right to do the project or not. The answer is Yes. If you wish to deliver music from windows Media Player to iPod, then utilizing iTunes is among the most common ways to execute so. With this methods, the music from windows Media Player will certainly be very first transferred to iTunes Library and then native iTunes to iPod.

So if you are in search of ways on how to transport music from home windows Media Player to iPod, read below.

Steps to deliver music from home windows Media Player come iPod making use of iTunes:

Step 1 Browse home windows Media Player

Check because that the music folder of windows Media Player and also for that you can right click on the song and also then choose “Open document location”.


Step 2 import music from windows Music Player come iTunes

Launch iTunes on her PC and also tap record > Add record to library (If you wish to include a tune folder, pick option that “Add Folder come Library”).


Select the tune from the same catalog where home windows Media Player conserves the music and click “Open”.


The tune will be added under Music that iTunes library.

Step 3 transport music native iTunes library to iPod

Using a USB cable, connect iPod to PC and it will be detect by iTunes.

Click Music symbol on iTunes at the top-left corner that will open the perform of song in iTunes library. Choose the song that was transferred from windows Media player, and drag it to the left panel and also drop to the iPod.


The selected track will be moved to iPod. Friend can inspect the track under music of her iPod.

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Part 2. Move Music between Windows Media Player and also iPod there is no iTunes

Some human being don"t prefer using iTunes, together iTunes would erase the iPod"s original existing music as soon as you must sync new music come it. Right here we introduce one third-party program which deserve to transfer music between WMP and also iPod bi-directionally without erasing music in iPod. Dr.Fone - call Manager (iOS) is an excellent program for the music lovers as it allows them to download, record and also transfer music in between iOS devices, Android devices, PC and iTunes.