In today’s guide, ns am walk to show you how to pump a basketball there is no a needle.

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Ideally, friend would have actually a pump + needle to inflate your basketball in a more civilized way. However if friend don’t have a needle and also have come pump her basketball, you’ll need to improvise.

Below, i will introduce you to 4 means to pump a basketball through no needles. These approaches don’t call for that friend buy something – that would certainly defeat the guide’s purpose due to the fact that if you had actually to to buy something, you have to buy a needle.

If you have a tubeless bike and a pump, you may use one of its valves come pump her basketball. Essentially, you will certainly be using the valve stem as a replacement because that the needle.

Here’s exactly how to usage a tubeless valve stem to inflate her basketball.

Unscrew the fastener top top the stem on one of your bike’s wheels and remove the stem.If there is any type of rubber coating ~ above the stem, traction it off.Attach the stem to your pump.Insert the totally free end of the stem right into your basketball.Start pumping.

And here’s a video demonstrating how to use a bike tubeless valve stem come inflate a ball:


If you have actually a tubeless bike, then this in reality is the first option that you should try. Due to the fact that the stem is comparable to a consistent ball needle, a tubeless valve stem enables you to essentially inflate the basketball traditionally.

But if girlfriend don’t have a tubeless bike, then read on because that some various other methods.

2. Usage a deserve to of compressed air

If you have a can of compressed wait lying around, climate you will have the ability to inflate your ball fairly easily. After utilizing a tubeless valve stem, this is perhaps the easiest method of inflating balls there is no a needle.

Here’s how you must use a deserve to of compressed air to inflate a basketball:

Insert one end of the tube the comes v the deserve to into the ball’s wait hole.Hook the other finish of the pipe to your can of compressed air.

Compressed air functions well as soon as the round is just slightly underinflated. If you have to inflate a round fully, climate you’ll most likely need come go v several cans of compressed air. If you have no various other option, this is fine, but you should avoid doing this often since you’ll literally be wasting her money by chewing through compressed air.

3. Usage a balloon come inflate your basketball

Another popular means of inflating balls without a needle is to use a balloon. This method can be a little finicky, yet it’s at the very least worth a shoot if you can not use other methods.

For this method, you will need:

A balloon, preferably a larger one.A slim straw or anything rather that have the right to fit right into your basketball’s waiting hole.A record clip or clamp.

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And here’s just how you would use a balloon come inflate her basketball:

Inflate the balloon as lot as girlfriend can.Seal the balloon through a document clip or clamp.Insert your thin straw right into the balloon’s hole. Insert the other finish of the straw right into the basketball’s wait hole.Remove the paper clip/clamp to let the air move from the balloon come the ball. I recommend the you organize the balloon to save it from shooting itself away.Depending ~ above the balloon’s size, you might need come pump it number of times to obtain the round inflated.

I personally nothing really prefer this method. It needs plenty of devices – you might not have actually a balloon or a straw thin sufficient for the ball’s air feet lying around. Besides, the air may leak into your room rather than enter the basketball.