Select “Create New” if you want to start fresh, or load a vault world native the video game list.

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Set the difficulty and other game options to her liking.
Use a different controller come activate the second player ~ above the console, climate select the exactly button(s) to add them come Minecraft. Because that example, the PS4 provides the “PS” button to activate a user and the “Options” switch (pressed twice) to include the second player come Minecraft.

How come Split-Screen online in Minecraft

You can play Minecraft ~ above a split-screen with your friends, also online. Here’s how to execute so:

Sign in to your console through your Xbox Live yellow or PlayStation to add account. For XBOX 360 and XBOX One, Silver and also local accounts won’t be able to join. PS3 doesn’t call for PlayStation Plus, but PS4 does. Because that Minecraft heritage editions, open up on your console and also choose “Play Game,” climate “Load” or “Create.” For bedrock editions, choose “Create New” or choose a game on your list.Adjust her game options to her liking and also launch her game. On Bedrock, go to the “Multiplayer” menu and also ensure “Multiplayer Game” is turned on before beginning the game.Other “remote” players pick your invitation (required) to sign up with your organized game. Split-screen functionality only works ~ above a per-console basis with up to 4 people, however they play online through others.


Minecraft’s one interesting, fun, and an innovative game. Like any kind of other game, it’s much better when you play with your friends. You have the right to now break-up the screen and play Minecraft, as with playing those enlarge console gamings with various other players.

PC users might feel left out, which is understandable. If you have a huge monitor screen, it’s a dead you can’t break-up it and also do the very same thing prefer on the console. There space third-party screen-splitting devices online the you can look into, however they’re not official.

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Minecraft in Split-Screen

Although it’s not easily accessible on a the majority of devices, over there are number of that market the option for Minecraft in split-screen mode. Thankfully, v every upgrade to Minecraft, brand-new features are implemented. It’s only a matter of time before much more devices will have actually this feature.