Do you want some aid learning about the notes D top top recorder? Are girlfriend struggling to tell the difference in between high and low D?D is among the much more common note on recorder, and also it’s the an initial one most human being learn in your high and also low forms. My students regularly struggle through remember which is which, therefore I’m always asked: How perform you pat D top top recorder?Playing high and also low D isn’t difficult on the recorder. High D is top top the fourth line from the bottom and is played v the middle finger on the 2nd hole. Low D is on the an are below the staff and also is play thumb, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

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Look ahead for more details on high and also low D ~ above the soprano recorder and two song for help to reinforce it.
What Is High D top top The Recorder?How execute You Play short D on The Recorder?High D top top Recorder SongLow D top top Recorder SongFinal Thoughts

What Is High D top top The Recorder?

High D ~ above recorder is the fifth note ns teach mine students on recorder. For some, that the 6th or 7th note.Either way, it’s roughly the middle of the note finding out sequence for many people. High D sit on the fourth line native the bottom top top the treble clef staff.Fingering the high D couldn’t be an ext simple.All you execute is put your center finger on the 2nd hole!No thumb is needed to pat this note. In fact, the the only an easy note which needs no ignorance at all. For some brand-new recorder players, the challenge isn’t in fingering and playing the keep in mind so it sounds good; the an obstacle comes native balancing the recorder without the left-hand thumb. You constantly need two points come balance the recorder, yet with this note, the balance originates from your lips ~ above the finish of the mouthpiece and also your right-hand thumb underneath whereby the fourth and fifth holes are. Too often, brand-new students gain in the habit of putting all the load of the recorder on their left-hand thumb. This actually hinders flexibility and also agility.It need to come from the right-hand thumb. Never wrap her left-hand pinky underneath the recorder to help hold it. Also though the left-hand pinky no used, pack it roughly the recorder to assist basically locks her fingers in place and also even hurts your hand end time. Check the end the below an easy recorder fingering chart for wherein the note sits ~ above the staff and also how to finger it. This is the easiest high note to play. After this is high E, learn exactly how to pat high E ~ above recorder.

image jingle bells recorder sheet music

Low D on Recorder Song

Ode To happiness is the first song ns look to as soon as teaching low D top top recorder. The valuation is an easy and in ~ this point, students (adults and also kids alike) will be acquainted with the other notes and only need to emphasis on the low D. In fact, the keep in mind only wake up once, so brand-new players can play the entire song, chaos up the one note, and also still feeling successful and also motivated. 

Check the end the guide on Ode To joy recorder notes.

Final Thoughts

I expect this help you learn exactly how you play D on recorder in high and low forms. Feel totally free to publish off and use the straightforward recorder fingering chart to assist you mental the distinction in exactly how to finger the notes and what lock look favor on the staff. Here room some last hints:High D is center finger only and will need to practice switching to B because that true skill. Low D offers the most fingers and also needs warm, gentle air.Interested in learning an ext recorder songs? check out the Beatles Recorder Songbook on Amazon.

Zach VanderGraaffZach VanderGraaff is a K-5 music teacher v Bay City Public schools in Michigan. He"s a Past-President of the Michigan Kodaly Educators and Executive Secretary that the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators Association.

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