as descriptive as a title Minecraft is, the does leave the end one activity in the game just as durable as both mining and crafting, if no moreso. The is, the course, farming. The game permits you come flex your eco-friendly thumb as much as any other farming game, perhaps excluding the hardcore simulators. Yet while Minecraft might air top top the an ext simple side when it concerns raising crops, there are a couple of items, such as cocoa beans, that take a bit more planning than simply throwing castle in the dirt and waiting. Here"s a full failure on how come grow cocoa bean so you have the right to have a nice supply for cooking, crafting, and more.

just how To thrive Cocoa Beans

before you role up her sleeves to begin planting, there space a couple of items you need to gather before starting this process. First, and also this need to come as no surprise, is cocoa bean themselves. You will have actually to find some in the wild very first to kickstart your production. This beans are uncovered inside cocoa ford that only prosper on tropical tree trunks. So your first order of organization is to uncover a tropical biome and also harvest some pods. Each pod girlfriend break open up will drop either two or three beans.

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when you"re in the jungle biology harvesting beans, make certain you also take your axe to the tropical trees together well. The 2nd item required for farming these tiny brown beans space jungle logs, for this reason make certain you stock up top top these also before returning to your residence base.

Finally, and also this is an optional item, but any kind of farmer to know that having bonemeal comfortable will speed up the farming process for any crop.

Now, on to her farm. Lay under your jungle blocks top top the ground where you like. They deserve to be in a straight line, or even stacked vertically. Next, whip out your cocoa beans and place them on an open up side of the tropical log. They will show up as little green sacks hanging off the sides. No need to have the logs nearby to a water source or anything, so long as castle are external and over ground.

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in ~ this allude you"re every set. The brand-new pods will begin to prosper over time, walking through 3 stages prior to you have the right to harvest them. They begin out together the small greenish pods, evolve right into a medium brown or tan color, and then mature as the cocoa pods you found out in the wild. Of course, this is whereby you have the right to opt to use your bonemeal come quicken the growing process if girlfriend like.

as soon as they are fully grown, break them open similar to you did in the an initial step and also collect the 2 or 3 beans that loss out. You deserve to ramp up your manufacturing from here, replanting and also expanding, or simply replacing what girlfriend harvested because that a stable supply.

use those yummy beans to make cookies, produce brown dye, and also dozens of various other items.