100 Floors Christmas special is a special for the seasons Tower. In this guide, we will aid you through every one of the puzzles in this floor. We will certainly go through the logic behind each of the Chritmas one-of-a-kind floors as well as providing girlfriend with particular solutions for each that the puzzles. V this complete strategy guide and also walkthrough because that the 100 Floors seasons Tower Christmas special, you will have the ability to move v the different floors fast and unlock every one of the doors.

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Christmas Special periods Tower Floor 1

Level 1: The Christmas DateThis floor asks you to kind through the day so the the day of Christmas mirrors up top top the screen. Keep in mind the display has a pair different arrows. Push the up and also down’s come come up v the date for Christmas – 12-15. If you room unsure about how to happen the stage, below is the precise solution to happen the puzzle.


First arrowhead UP 4 timesSecond arrow DOWN 3 timesThird arrow Up 1 timeFourth arrow UP 4 times

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 2

Level 2: do the TreeThis floor asks girlfriend to readjust the tangled stars earlier into the tree shape. You can note the different connections in between the miscellaneous stars to aid you resolve the puzzle. But if you simply want a rapid solution to this puzzle, use the complying with patterns. However, make certain that you tap the switch on the right hand side once you are done to activate the door.

Answer:Middle appropriate Star –> Bottom RightBottom right Star –> Bottom LeftBottom Left Star –> Bottom MiddleMiddle Star –> second Row LeftMiddle Left Star –> second Row RightTop Star –> adjust it towards the top

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 3

Level 3: wait for the GiftThis stage is nice easy. An initial turn off the light making use of the move on the left. Shiver your device so that a gift falls down from the chimney. Pick up the chess piece and also the key. Insert the vital into the lock within the chimney to relocate to the following floor.

Christmas Special periods Tower Floor 4

Level 4: searching for the WayIn this phase you will need to slide across the various grids to open up the way. Listed below is the specific step that you will take to deal with this puzzle.

1. Left pillar up 22. Mid tower down 1

3. Mid heat left 14. Mid obelisk up 1

5. Bottom row left 16. Mid obelisk down 2

7. Bottom row left 18. Mid tower down 1

9. Optimal Row right 110. Right column up 111. Optimal Row left 1

Christmas Special periods Tower Floor 5

Level 5: Snowflakes MatchingThe purpose of this phase is come convert all of the snowflakes within 5 steps. The east way is to perform the adhering to to fix this puzzle:

1. Tap top left2. Tap height Right3. Tap bottom left4. Tap bottom right5. Insanity the middle square

After you have switched every one of the snowflakes, choose up the hammer ~ above the floor. Use the hammer top top the glass to rest it. Tap the switch and open the door.

Christmas Special periods Tower Floor 6

Level 6: Snowflakes MatchingFor this stage, her goal is to moveallof the blue squares come the best and every one of the red squares come the left. Girlfriend will have actually to adjust the movement to do the puzzle work. However, us have embedded a video clip to assist you number out the procedure if you are having actually trouble.

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 7

Level 7: Direction PuzzleObserve the different directions on this puzzle: R = Right, D = Down, l = Left, U = Up. Her goal is to irradiate up every one of the squares.

Star v the square top top the third row and second column. Proceed with the directions and also complete the puzzle.

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 8

Level 8: Flipping the TriangleNote the hint on the floor asking you to flip the triangle within 6 steps. Friend can click the one in the puzzle to move them. To conveniently solve this puzzle.

Top left 2 times.Top appropriate 2 times.Top left 1 time.Top right 1 time.

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 9

Level 9: Special mix LockThis phase does not have much logic, girlfriend simply need to tab the squares accordingly. The sequence of the lock is as followed:

1. Bottom Left2. Upper Right3. Bottom Right4. Top Left5. Middle

Christmas Special periods Tower Floor 10

Level 10: Chess PuzzleThe function of this puzzle is come clear all of the blocks. Grab the chess item in your inventory and place that on the chess board. You will notification that you are using a knight. Now follow this succession to move your knight around all the squares. You re welcome that us will just give additional details when your knight has no various other movements.

1. Right2. Down3. Up Left4. Appropriate Up5. Left6. Appropriate Down7. Left Down8. Up9. Under Right10. Left11. Up12. Down Right13. Left Up14. Right Down15. Left Up16. Ideal Up17. Down18. Up Right19. Left Down

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 11

Level 11: slide PuzzleThis floor features yet another sliding puzzle. Use the hammer inside her inventory to share the item with the crack. After ~ which friend will need to slide the block pieces to solve the puzzle. Play around with the puzzle to watch if you can solve the on her own!

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 12

Level 12: math EquationThe level 12 has a math equation puzzle wherein you have actually to discover out the covert number because that X, Y, A, and B. This deserve to take some time to number out. However, if girlfriend are having trouble to settle for the equation, below is the answer:


Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 13

Level 13: an additional Slider Puzzle Snowy HousesCompared to few of the various other slider puzzles, this one is no so bad. Play around with it. The vital is to relocate the pieces right into their basic locations first.

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Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 14

Level 14: affix the DotsConnect the dots so that you have the right to go through all of the dots in ~ one go. Give it a try and if friend have any kind of trouble you can try to usage the solution.

Christmas Special seasons Tower Floor 15

Level 15: The Blue SliderThe goal is this puzzle is to slide the blue block top top the upper left corner. After ~ you on slide the blue block you will certainly be fully done v the Christmas Special!

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