Hacks human being demonstrates just how to conveniently open a locked suitcase there is no a key by utilizing a ballpoint pen.

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Whether you’ve shed the an essential to your very own suitcase and also need to acquire it open in a rush or you’re trying to plant some contraband in your dodgy roommate’s bag, in this video clip you will certainly see have to easy open a locked suitcase.

A pen can be turned right into a suitcase cracked tool. Use a ballpoint pen to exert press on the zipper the a suitcase. The pressure causes the teeth to separate, properly opening the suitcase.

The mystery sauce in this hack the dubious ethics, however, isn’t the pen (you could always slice a suitcase open up with a knife if you want in that badly after ~ all) but in the zipper system itself. Zippers space self healing and if you run the zipper pull (still securely locked to the other pull, we can add) along the zipper monitor you’ll reseal the suitcase together though you were never ever there.

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