How to cracked a combination Lock – 5 Letter Wordlock

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A while back I obtained hold of a 5 letter Wordlock padlock, i beg your pardon is a combination padlock yet has letters on the dials instead of numbers. It’s claimed to make it easier to remember her combination. As with all the mix locks I obtain my hand on, I start to shot and occupational out exactly how to crack the combination. The last 2 times we supplied a shim to crack the combination, an initial on the Abus lock from my school’s lockers and also then ~ above the other cheap lock we picked increase from the hardware. Lock both had actually weaknesses the let you placed a shim in alongside the dial and also feel for a groove which assisted you decode it. If you want to watch how, take a look in ~ the two attached articles over or we have actually some videos in a playlist on ours YouTube channel that mirrors the bypasses in action.

With this new combination padlock we offered a new technique which doesn’t even need any tools, for this reason anyone can shot this technique at home. The technique ill show you functions on a lot of different mix locks, especially combination bike locks i beg your pardon usually have actually the same form of mechanism.

As usual, over there is a connect to a video clip at the end of this short article which talks about the lock, the method and additionally a demo that the bypass, for this reason if you’d rather watch 보다 read, run to the end!

How the combination Lock Works

So below is the inside of the lock.

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How good is this combination? You get very minimal letters you deserve to use and each dial is different however I can still placed my name. Ns think the lock was created me!