A GIF file features man images and also texts that are much like a video clip but much shorter in length and often funny. That is trendy amongst the youths as well as old-timers ~ above the Internet.

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One that the many used social benidormclubdeportivo.org platforms for these types of files is Twitter. Today, we will see how you can produce a GIF using miscellaneous online methods and tools like the Wondershare UniConverter. You will likewise get to recognize how to upload a GIF on Twitter. So, by the end, you’ll have actually a clear idea the how come create and post a GIF on Twitter.

Part 1. Produce a GIF because that Twitter utilizing UniConverter in Windows and Mac

The Wondershare UniConverter is terrific tool for all your jobs relating to photos, videos, and audio files. That is more than your typical video/image converter and downloader.

Wondershare UniConverter · one all-in-one tool with tons of attributes other than basic conversion and downloading.· Intuitive interface style makes it an extremely easy to use.· the is compatible v Windows and Mac.· using UniConverter Toolbox function, contains convert images, produce GIF, burn CD, rip CD, actors to TV, and also fix Meta tags with simply a few clicks.· Wondershare UniConverter permits you to burn video and other benidormclubdeportivo.org documents to DVD together well.

How to make a GIF in Wondershare UniConverter?---Creating a GIF in Windows utilizing UniConverter

As I stated earlier, the UniConverter is compatible with both Windows and also Mac OS. It method you have the right to make a GIF ~ above both platforms. Girlfriend can produce a GIF from one of two people a photo or a video.

Step 1. Launch the UniConverter Tool

Download, install, and also launch the Wondershare UniConverter app in your windows PC and also switch come the Toolbox tab and select the GIF maker tool. The tool user interface opens.


Step 2. Include the benidormclubdeportivo.org

As the home window opens, you will watch two methods to develop a GIF; one indigenous photos and another native videos. The home window opens in the Photos come GIF window by default.

To include benidormclubdeportivo.org files, click on the include Files choices to the top-left corner and select the documents from which you want to make GIF. If you room going to usage videos switch to the video to GIF window.


Step 3. Set GIF Preferences

Once you have actually selected her benidormclubdeportivo.org files, you have actually to set a few choices for creating your GIF-like frame rate, record location, and output paper size.


In a video clip file, you will also need to specify the start and also end time the the GIF you want to create. You deserve to either traction the video clip frame together you need or go into the time directly.


Step 4. Finish producing the GIF

Once you customize the GIF preferences, click the develop GIF button, and the UniConverter will carry out the rest.

Your GIF is currently ready, and you have the right to share with friends and enjoy!


Creating a GIF in Mac utilizing UniConverter

The whole process is the same, with a couple of minor differences. Let’s see.

Step 1. Beginning the UniConverter application in Mac

You deserve to download it from the software’s website. Then launch the UniConverter and switch to the Toolbox Tab and select GIF an equipment option.

Step 2. Include benidormclubdeportivo.org Files

Once again, the very same interface appears as before. However, the default screen, in this case, is video to GIF. Add the video or photos indigenous the include option. In case of a video clip file, select the start and also end time for your GIF.

In instance you desire to do a GIF indigenous photos, switch to the Photos to GIF display and include the images (up to a max the 20 images) indigenous the add option.

Step 3. Develop the GIF

Once you select your photos and specify your video clip start and end time, every you must do is click the develop GIF option and the toll will carry out the remainder while showing you a development bar.

Once the bar fills up, your GIF is done and ready for sharing.

Part 2. Do an animated GIF for Twitter Online

You can also upload GIFs to Twitter after developing it online. You deserve to use countless third-party online devices to gain the project done. Here we will certainly take 3 examples and see how you deserve to use this online tools to create an man GIF for Twitter online.

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With Makeagif, you can make a GIF from countless different sources, unlike other tools, specific photos, videos, YouTube and also Facebook URL, and also Webcam videos. Moreover, this tool is free to use. For this tool, we will look at just how you deserve to use a YouTube video clip to create a GIF:

Step 1. ~ above your internet browser, open up YouTube, choose & play the video clip you desire to develop a GIF from and copy the URL.

Step 2. Now open Makeagif log in in v your credentials and also select the YouTube come GIF option, and a brand-new window opens up with a space to dough the duplicated YouTube video clip URL; dough it there and click on proceed to Edit.

Step 3. Next, you require to collection a few editing choices like the GIF quality, start time & GIF length. You can also add stickers & captions and include a personalized watermark. Now click on the continue to Publishing.

Step 4. Customized document name, GIF category, and also tag and also finally click on Create GIF, and also the tool will start handling the GIF.

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It is an additional widely used online totally free tool for developing a GIF, making slideshows and videos through music tracks. You have the right to do some cool stuff favor reversing a GIF or resize it. You can likewise merge two GIFs to do a new one and also vice-versa. You have the right to use both photos and also videos to develop GIFs. You can add up to 300 photos while approximately 100MB per video clip file.

Step 1. Open up GIFMaker on her web web browser to start developing your GIF. Girlfriend can select Upload photos if you desire to create a GIF indigenous images, or select video to GIF in case you desire to use a video.

Step 2. If you space using photos after you add them, set preferences favor canvas dimension (in pixels) and also animation speed. You deserve to also include the variety of loops and audio file URL digital if friend want and also click on the develop GIF Animation.

Step 3. In case you room using videos, a new window opens once you click the option. Here you need to upload the video clip in question and specify preferences like start & end time and also GIF elevation & width and frames every second. Finally, click the convert Now option and also wait it spins the GIF creates.


Like the various other two, EZGIF is also free to use. You can create a GIF native both photos and videos and use up to 2000 image documents while you have the right to use approximately 100 MB worth of video clip files. Moreover, you can do all sorts the things prefer resizing GIF record size, chop videos, and also more.

Step 1. On your web browser, open the website indigenous the URL listed above. In instance you desire to usage photos, switch to the GIF machine tab. For utilizing videos, switch to the video to GIF tab. Add the benidormclubdeportivo.org papers by clicking on the Choose document option. Girlfriend can additionally use video clip URL for virtual videos.

Step 2. Once you have selected the benidormclubdeportivo.org documents (images) simply click on Upload and also make a GIF.

Step 3. In instance of a video clip either pick a paper from her library or dough the URL that a video from digital sources and click on the Upload option.

Step 4. Wait for a few minutes if the GIF to produce or converts.

Part 3. How to Upload a GIF to Twitter in 3 Ways?

Now that you know how to produce a GIF, girlfriend may also want to recognize how to post a GIF on Twitter, right? Well, us will currently take a look in ~ the three ideal methods to include GIF come Twitter.

Method 1: Upload a GIF to Twitter directly on Desktop

Before we relocate on to the step-by-step guidelines, over there is one point that you have to consider. Make sure you room in her Twitter account, that as well from the maker you room using come share the GIF. Otherwise, you will should authorize her user account through a pop-up.

Method 1: Upload a GIF come Twitter straight on Desktop

Step 1. Log in your Twitter account, and select the Upload Image icon as screenshot shows.

Step 2. Select a GIF native your computer system directly, i m sorry is you saved before.

Step 3. After ~ uploading, click the Tweet. Here you go! girlfriend are properly posting a GIF top top Twitter.

Method 2: re-superstructure GIF to Twitter making use of Twitter GIF Feature

Step 1. Log in to her Twitter account v your credentials.

Step 2. Go into to Compose new Tweet and also tap on the GIF alternative below. You deserve to import the GIF indigenous your pc or friend can gain it online.

Step 3. Now, click on the Tweet.

Keep in mind around the dimension restriction that 15MB top top Twitter and make a GIF in ~ that paper size.

Method 3: Tweet a GIF using a GIPHY Link

You can likewise use a GIPHY attach to upload or include GIF come Twitter. Before we move on come the step-by-step guidelines, there is one point that you must consider. Make certain you room in your Twitter account, that as well from the machine you room using to share the GIF. Otherwise, friend will need to authorize her user account through a pop-up.

Step 1. Visit GIPHY Website

On your web web browser visit the GIPHY residence Page and also select a GIF the you desire to share.

Step 2. Share your GIF

Before we move on come the step-by-step guidelines, there is one thing that you should consider. Make sure you room in her Twitter account, that as well from the machine you room using to share the GIF. Otherwise, you will must authorize your user account v a pop-up.

Alternatively, friend can straight share the GIF by clicking on the Twitter icon. Now, the GIF will appear on her account.

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By now, i am sure you have a complete idea regarding how to make a GIF top top Twitter utilizing GIF an equipment tools choose the Wondershare UniConverter because that both Windows and Mac. You likewise learned GIF-making with several of the digital tools and also how you can use various techniques to upload a GIF ~ above Twitter. So, go on and make your very very first GIF and tweet it come share the fun with your friends.