I have actually a painted wood hull sanded down as far as I"m walk to take it, with tiny strips of bare cedar reflecting intermittantly. After finding the best means to sand within the centerboard trunk, I"ll be cleaning repaint dust off the survace. Every my reading states come vacuum, then usage a tack cloth. Rather of vaccum, I setup to punch off with air. I"ve currently sent a lot more dust out with ventilation than I"ve emptied from the sander. Then, why no wipe down v a cloth wet with mineral spirits rather of tack cloth? the seems prefer this would certainly be effective, faster, and easier. The only an adverse I can dream increase is maybe the mineral soul is too lot of a drying agent. However, that appears insignificant and also there is very tiny wood exposed.

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Re: why not mineral spirits rather of tack cloth?

Evening,Would friend mind telling us a bit much more about your project? How large is the boat? What kind of primer and also enamel do you setup to use on the hull? are you working in an outdoor shop or in your basement or what?Will you be spraying or to brush or roll and also tipping the finish?Are friend expecting a professional finish or looking for coverage?

Tack cloth is cheap. And, it works, there is no leaving behind anything.But, there is much more than one method to carry out it...
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Inside that a centerboard trunk? simply work the brush around alot in there. mix in any surface dust. Sticks better. Use a clapped out brush .anyway, tack towel is for the final coats , not for the sealer and primer.
Depending upon the quality of mineral spirits (which seems to it is in deteriorating lately) it have the right to leave a residue... Contaminating the substrate. You deserve to likely obtain away through a rag an extremely slightly dampened with mineral spirits, but I wouldn"t introduce a damp rag.

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Tack cloths have always been a component of good painting practices. Lock work. Spraying a light coat the spray varnish top top a item of cheese cloth works well if you don"t have any store to buy tack cloths. Also with compressed air, you still need a fabric to obtain the surface ar dust off, so the might too be a tack rag. There is oil/water in waiting compressors and also without ideal traps and also clean lines, you would certainly be an ext likely to obtain contamination indigenous that source than just about anywhere. Solvent rags deserve to leave as lot behind together they choose up. Girlfriend would need to keep transforming a clean surface ar of the rag through every wipe. Most paint equipment advocate making use of their proprietary solvent together a wipe under anyway, even with tack cloths, to cover a much more broad selection of contaminants. Several of that dried particulate that would otherwise it is in picked turn off by the tack rag, could come to be a an ext problematic contaminant when exposed come or perhaps liquified by a solvent and allowed to soak right into the substrate.