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Dune buggies are relatively small all-terrain vehicles that deserve to maneuver well on most forms of land, and driving the buggies deserve to be an exciting and exhilarating experience. Buggies are usually qualified of steering on continuous roads, however driving v fast-moving traffic can be rather dangerous. To protect the buggy drivers and also the auto drivers ~ above the road, Missouri has created laws the all dune buggies must satisfy to end up being street legal.

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All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, room classified as vehicles with three to 4 wheels that are qualified of control off-road, that space 1,000 pounds or less and also 50 inches or much less in width, and that rely on handlebars because that steering, according to thing 300, section 300.348 the the Missouri Regulations code book. Thus, numerous dune buggies qualify as all-terrain vehicles in Missouri.

The code additionally provides provisions the might permit buggy drivers and also other ATV drivers to become officially street legal so they deserve to drive their vehicles on streets and highways.

To come to be street legal, buggy owners need to ensure the their vehicles have all the necessary tools required by the Missouri code book. Every ATVs have to be equipped through a headlamp and tail lamp, and the lamps need to be lit whenever the auto is being propelled on a street or highway. The buggies must likewise have a triangle emblem lit on the rear of the automobile whenever driving on roadways. The emblem should be at least 10 inches on each side, need to be constructed with a yellow-orange florescent finish and must have actually a red, reflective border at the very least 1 customs thick.

Furthermore, the buggy should be equipped v a brake mechanism that operates correctly, a muffler system that is in good condition and also a 7-foot-tall bike flag on the behind of the vehicle. If the buggy contains a windshield, the must likewise have windshield wipers.

To drive buggies ~ above the streets and also highways, the owners must have a precious driver"s license and must then register the buggy v their local Department the Revenue. Like car drivers, one individual should be at least 16 year old to it is registered an ATV and apply for registration. To register the vehicle, the owner must complete all the compelled application develops at the room of Revenue, administer a detailed and thorough summary of the buggy and also pay a it is registered fee.

The department generally then problems a kind to the owner through a registration number and expiration date, and the ATV owner must ar this kind on the ideal front frame of the auto so the is plainly visible.

If the owner has actually registered his buggy and also the auto has every one of the compelled equipment, he have the right to drive the buggy ~ above the streets in Missouri. However, the code claims that ATVs room prohibited indigenous driving quicker than 30 mph on roadways or highways, i m sorry is why the buggies must have a high flag top top the behind ends of their vehicles come alert rather on the road that the automobile is a buggy.

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A violation of any kind of of the Missouri ATV regulation can an outcome in a class C misdemeanor for the chauffeurs or owner of the buggy.