Ready because that a good stretch? once it pertains to a hat the fits perfectly, part stretching could be specifically what you need. Achieve the right fit counts on the sort of hat you have and also what it’s do of. Herbal fibers in hats can reason gradual shrinking over time, especially if you ever before have to to wash it. Not to cite sweat, humidity, and weather all add to shrinking hat syndrome. However that doesn’t average if a hat is a little too snug you need to ditch it altogether and also buy a brand-new hat. Monitor these few simple techniques and you’ll be able to stretch and resize her hat in no time.

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Try before You Buy

The an initial thing to execute is select a cap that provides you comfortable wear. If you pick an ultra-fitted cap or a tight hat, it will certainly only come to be a headache...literally.

On the various other hand, girlfriend don't want a cap so big that your head is floating approximately inside and also you're constantly worried it's walk to fall off.

Helpful tip: If you have the right to fit one finger between your head and also the cap, then you recognize you have actually the ideal size.


Break that In

Whether it's a brand-new baseball lid or one old cowboy hat, a simple means to stretch your hat into shape is to wear it, wear it, wear it. This will normally loosen the product so that it far better conforms to her head.

Spray and also Stretch

If put on the hat isn't extending it as conveniently as you'd like, it might be time to break out the blow dryer and a spray party of water. The following an approach works well with various hat materials including straw, soft fabrics such together cotton hats, equipment baseball hats, and classic feel designs.


Items you Need

Spray party of waterBlow dryer


Fill a spray bottle v lukewarm water (not warm water) and spritz inside and outside the crown, plus the inside band. Over there is no have to wet the brim as it go not have to shrink. This is especially important v vintage hats such as baseball hat made before the beforehand ‘80s, which have cardboard bills. Be careful not to douse the cap to the point where it's dripping wet together this could cause unwanted damage or dye bleeding. Rotate on the hairdryer come its highest possible setting. Organize the hat and blow-dry the exterior and also interior till the material is mostly dry.Once the hat is just mildly damp, placed it on and let that air dry. This will help that hat to stretch and also mold come the correct shape of your head.

Steam right into Shape

Steaming is a popular an approach for stretching a hat because it's one effective way to loosen natural fibers. Choose the water spray method, steaming works well with different hat materials consisting of straw, cotton, and wool felt.


Items friend Need

Tea kettle the water or small pot of waterBlow dryer


Heat up the tea kettle or pot of water until the water starts to boil.Hold the hat's brim to get a good grip. Next, angle the cap so the the interior is around six inches far from the vapor of the kettle or pot. Host for one minute, ensuring enough heavy steam reaches the hat’s inside band as well.Remove the hat from the heat for 30 seconds. Repeat this process at least 4 times.Turn top top the hairdryer come its highest possible setting. Hold the hat and blow-dry within the crown till the product is greatly dry.Once it's mildly damp, wear the hat and let that air dried to stretch into the ideal size for your head.

Use devices of the Trade

If you choose a much more laissez faire strategy to stretching your hat, consider using simple hat stretchers such as the Hat-Jack. This is a basic tool that deserve to be purchased online and can also be supplied to preserve a hat's size once not in use. Lot like a shoes stretcher, the adjustable wood an equipment acts prefer a jack inside the cap to broaden the size. If you might just insert the contraption in a dry hat and wait for the results, you have the right to speed increase the process a bit by steaming the cap first.

Bonus: Hat-Jack works for both felt and straw hats, plus the absorbs moisture and preserves leather sweatbands.


Items friend Need

Hat stretching deviceTea kettle or pot that water (optional)


If you space steaming the cap first, follow actions 1 and 2 the "Steam into Shape." If not, check out on.Place the hat stretcher inside her hat and also crank the device open until it's taut. Make sure the cap stretcher is placed versus (not above) the hatband, otherwise it could leave one imprint on the crown and also ruin its shape.Leave overnight and then try on the hat. Repeat the process if additional stretching is necessary.You can also shot stretching a cap by put it over the knee and also pulling firmly. This works finest on noodle baseball caps.

Play Ball

More than simply for kicking around the field, the common soccer ball have the right to be a useful an equipment for stretching a hat. While you can easily use this method with a dried hat, girlfriend should very first follow the steps for spritzing or steaming if you desire a enlarge stretch.


Items friend Need

Youth-sized football ball


Place the hat roughly a youth sized soccer ball.Leave overnight and also then shot the cap on. Repeat the procedure if the preferred size is not achieved.The cap should quickly slip off the ball and bounce back, so come speak.Note: This an approach helps achieve a larger size hat, yet it's less precise than a Hat-Jack and much more daunting to guess the exact amount of stretching.

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If the hat Fits, wear It

Now the you've gone with the actual procedure of stretching a hat, you have actually a small know-how on acquiring the ideal fit. Store in mind the each approach may take it a couple of go-rounds, but they will certainly work. A hat should constantly feel comfortably snug, never tight or constricting. Once you've figured out which cap stretching method works ideal for you, gain ready to enjoy the perfect size and also never wear a pinching cap again.