I have a really shitty commissioner. I made a profession with one more league mate and also he vetoed it so he could trade because that the player ns was getting. He additionally trade rapes the organization taco yet vetoes pretty much every profession someone rather makes.

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Should ns leave this league? If so, how?

Edit: I'd favor to allude out that this is mine most crucial league due to the fact that I recognize everybody irl (except the commissioner)so I'm not certain if I want to leave.


Stop visiting the team page. Write-up in the forum just how garbage it is, and also just never present up again.

Edit for her edit: Then speak to your irl friends and also gang increase on the commish. Identifier fucking leave, however if you're staying, fight the guy. It is garbage.

You can't leaving the league, however you have the right to just overlook it. Rotate off / block every emails indigenous the league and also hide that from your visible leagues by utilizing the modify this list switch at the bottom of the list of teams on the espn main fantasy page or in the mine fantasy groups tab in ~ the optimal right.

Have all your friends drop all of their players and start a brand-new league with you together the comish. In the new league, manually include all your players to their teams so it's the same. Placed the comish players on waivers and use a FAAB budget plan to determine who gets who so it's fair

Call him out on the and allude this the end to anyone else. If you're not invested in this league financially just stop playing in it.

You need to gain your friends' votes with each other to offer the commish the boot (or put him ~ above severely restricted probation). At the an extremely least, trades must be top top a league-wide vote system, not a one male veto.

But if the doesn't work, don't quit. Quitting is too straightforward on a prick choose that. Actively try to pains the commish and also ruin his experience. Discover a pair people to go in addition to it and this have the right to be double effective. Throw games against his divisional rivals just to ensure the doesn't make the playoffs.

Normally, I'd never advocate this type of behavior, but if he's destroyed the game for you and also others, why not destroy it because that him? be an asshole best back.

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If you do quit, try to to convince others to do the same. Make a couple of fucked increase trades (again, to his rivals) and dump her stars on the waiver wire when he has actually low priority. You can really ruin a league conveniently this way.