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FSR08 rules Index


Custom leagues are identified as leagues with 2-10 Team Owners and also non-standard scoring utilizing customized benidormclubdeportivo.org Fantasy Stock car rules. Practice leagues are complimentary and space not prize-eligible. Custom scoring styles can one of two people be Head to Head or clues Based (see Rules: Scoring settings for much more information). You have the right to only create a personal custom league, or be invite to sign up with a custom league that currently exists.

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CREATING A tradition LEAGUETo create a cost-free Custom organization click here. You will certainly be required to the organization setup display to name your league, select a public or personal designation (i.e. Carry out you want various other leagues to check out the performance of her league"s Team Owners?), select all your rules setups (roster size, scoring options, schedules etc.) and also lastly, assign a draft type and time. Once your league has been produced you will have accessibility to your team and also league page to prepare for your organization draft, invite owners, and more.

JOINING A practice LEAGUEACCEPTING one INVITATIONOnly a league"s creator, recognized as the league Manager, can set up a exclusive custom league, permitting teams to sign up with by invitation. All invitations are sent out in the type of an e-mail which consists of a distinctive URL. This distinctive URL is the ticket to play in the league and also must one of two people be clicked ~ above or copied and also pasted right into the browser"s "Address" field.

SENDING INVITATIONS TO sign up with YOUR exclusive LEAGUELeague Creators can accessibility the invite Members web page by clicking the "Members" attach from the organization Office. Get in the email address of each person you want to sign up with your league in the "Send Invitations" message box (as watched in the screenshot below):



Below are examples of problems you can experience when joining your league and how you have the right to go around fixing them. If one of the instances does not assist rectify your problem, please call Customer business at 888-549-benidormclubdeportivo.org.

No invite received: If the organization Manager (League Creator) claims he sent you the invitation yet you carry out not watch it in your email inbox, it could be early to:

Your email resolve entered is merely incorrect. In this instance we ask you to communicate with the league Manager to ensure your correct email resolve is entered.Your corporate (or ISP"s) firewall blocks email from our benidormclubdeportivo.org servers. In this instance we recommend the league Manager uses the "Send me a copy of every invite" option. When he receive the "cc" email (which consists of your team"s unique join URL) and he have the right to then front that email to friend via his personal email service (thus bypassing any type of firewall).

invite received but unable to join league: The organization Manager invites you to play, and also you receive the invite, yet upon clicking the unique URL, the web page returns saying you have the right to not sign up with the league. This might happen due to one that the reasons noted below:

The league Manager invited another owner to sign up with the team after ~ he invited you. As soon as a different email resolve is entered and also submitted, the mechanism will void the distinct URL ~ above the previous email.The league Manager readjusted your email address. Similarly to the vault example, once a various email address is entered and submitted, the mechanism will void the distinct URL on the ahead email.The organization Manager turned off the league prior to you do the efforts to sign up with it. In all situations we recommend the you contact the league Manager directly and work out the details.LEAVING A practice LEAGUEYou can remove your team native a Custom league by clicking on the "Leave League" attach on your key Team page.

NOTE: You will not have the ability to leave a league after it has actually drafted. If you are the league Manager (and you created the league) and also leave your league prior to anyone else has joined, the league will it is in deleted.


The basic Settings web page is wherein it all starts and also is the an initial step in producing a custom league that you personally manage. As the league creator (or league Manager), you have the right to configure virtually all facets of her league, from the scoring device to the style of draft. The very first step is come name your league.

LEAGUE NAME as the organization creator, you gain to decision what your organization will it is in named. League names are minimal to 32 characters and also cannot contain international or HTML characters. Organization names are not unique, for this reason there could be multiple leagues through the exact same name. The league name have the right to be edited at any time during the gyeongju season v the "Edit organization Settings" tool.

NOTE: Inappropriate, offensive and/or obscene league names room unacceptable and also subject to readjust and may an outcome in further action. (See Rules: fair Play / conduct for an ext information)

SCORING TYPE you can select either Points-Based or Head-to-Head Scoring formats. For detailed information top top Scoring, click here.

In the Head-to-Head format, each team in her league encounters off against one other team every week of the season. However, her league can contain "Bye" weeks. The winner of every of these matchups is the team the accumulates the many fantasy points established by the weekly statistics of the motorists in every team"s energetic roster slots and the scoring settings of her league. Weekly results (win, loss, tie) room tallied into an in its entirety record and also displayed top top the league"s standings page.

Points-Based scoring is a season-long competition in which every owners/teams space ranked by your cumulative complete points (i.e. The owner/team through the highest full points is in first, the second highest points complete in second and therefore on). ~ the final race the the acceleration Cup season, the Champion is the owner/team v the in its entirety highest points complete for the entire season.MANUAL SETUP You, as organization creator, manually collection all your league"s setups using the league configuration wizard. Friend will evaluation every section of the organization Settings and also will have the ability to make any kind of desired changes. benidormclubdeportivo.org"s default worths are set for every option and also can be edited at your discretion.

EXPRESS SETUP If this button is clicked, the mechanism bypasses the league configuration wizard and automatically sets your organization up using benidormclubdeportivo.org"s default system. You, as the organization Manager, deserve to then go back and manually edit any part of the organization Setup.

NUMBER OF teams IN THE LEAGUE The variety of teams in a league have the right to be collection from 2-10. You can readjust the number of teams until one hour prior to the scheduled draft time. This is done using the organization Manager devices page, where you can change the league size through deleting or including teams.

NOTE: If the number of teams is changed in a Head-to-Head setup, the league"s schedule will should be reset. The departments & Team settings page allows the league Manager to customize the number of divisions in the league, surname each team and specify in which department each team will certainly compete. Listed below is a perform of all the options, plus details around how lock work.

DIVISIONS Fantasy share Car enables for 1-4 divisions in i beg your pardon 2-10 groups compete. Division names have the right to be readjusted at any allude during the season from the "Edit league Settings" page.

TEAM INFO The variety of teams provided here is same to the number the was selected ~ above the basic Settings page. Team name consist that a mix of three elements: location, nickname and also abbreviation. As soon as a team is displayed in the game, generally both team nickname and also team place will be displayed (as in on Standings and in crate Scores), however on pages where there is limited space, only the team nickname is displayed. In various other places, just the team abbreviation might be displayed. This settings have the right to be changed by the league Manager at any type of time throughout the season.

Team Location - Max of 32 characters

Team Nickname - Max the 32 characters

Abbreviation - Max that 4 characters

Division - If the organization has an ext than one division, point out the department designation because that each team here. For factors of fairness, that is wise to make sure each department has the same variety of teams.NOTE: ~ team owners join the league, they will certainly be allowed to modify the name of their very own teams.

OWNERS information & sending INVITESThe Owners information & Send Invite web page in league Setup allows the organization Manager to collection the variety of owners on every team and also to enter each owner"s name and also e-mail address. This is additionally the page that is provided to send organization invitations and also to monitor whether the invitations have actually been accepted. This page can be accessed every season long.

OWNER INFOThis section enables the organization Manager to collection up the early stage owner info for every team and also track the condition of ownership.

# owner (per team) - practice Leagues enable teams to have more than one owner. Max of two (2) allowed. The league Manager has actually the option to add multiple owners, or team owner have the right to do this for their teams.

Owner - enter the team owner"s first and last name.

E-mail - go into the team owner"s email resolve the organization invitation is sent to.

Status - "Joined" or "Invited". Screens the existing status of each team"s invite.NOTE: after a team join the league, every team owners will certainly be allowed to modify the name of their very own teams.

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INVITE OPTIONSInvitations are sent out in the type of one e-mail which has a distinct URL. The human who receive the invite e-mail must click on the distinctive URL (or copy and paste the URL into internet browser "Location" field) in order to sign up with the league. Listed below is a list of the alternatives and details on just how they work.