I"m the brand-new superhero top top the block. I"ve obtained the classic powerset - super-strength and also super-durability. I don"t have actually to concern one bit about your typical thug hurting me.

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On the contrary, I"m yes, really worried around me hurting the mean thug.

See, I"ve got my cape and mask ready, and I desire to go bust up part drug dens, however I don"t desire to provide anyone something worse 보다 a bruise, and I"m kinda brand-new to my strength.

So, exactly how do ns knock someone out without any serious threat of injury?

I can just beat them in the face, however I recognize that One Punch can Kill even without super-strength to concern aboutThe police use Tazers, but those reason people to fall, and also falling is naturally dangerous.I could forget knocking lock out and just pressure them into handcuffs, yet I"m scared I could break someone"s eight by accident

Anyone have any better ideas?

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As has been noted, friend cannot safely render who unconscious. Also disabling approaches such as tasers carry a threat of killing. There"s a factor that most human being refer to such tools as "Less than Lethal" weapons, not "Non-lethal."


Frame Challenge: friend don"t must knock lock out

In fact, girlfriend shouldn"t. You have actually super strength. Even for a normal-strength person, any physically-based way of rendering someone unconscious dead a hazard of damages or death. Friend are strong enough to (potentially) tie stole girders into pretzels. The difference between "hard enough to knock out" and also "hard sufficient to kill" is pretty minor by your standard.

So, you execute what the police do.

You learn exactly how to restrain, no knock out. You put someone into a position where your mobility is exceptionally limited, and then you lock lock in the position. This is why the police bring handcuffs and also zip ties. Every one of these points are obtainable for revenue on the open market, walk buy a bunch. Then practice, practice, practice. Handcuffs and double-loop zip tie cuffs space extremely rapid to apply if you have actually used them enough. Heck, just look in ~ how rapid a cowboy at a rodeo can hogtie a steer.

The benefit you have actually with your super strength and also durability is that you can conveniently hold a criminal nice and also still so friend can use the restraints quickly and easily, and all of their flailing about isn"t going come hurt you.

So...when you get in a situation full the "random thugs" it must look much less like your typical superhero walk in punching and also flailing. Girlfriend should simply move indigenous criminal to criminal, breaking your weapons, setting them face-down ~ above the ground, then positioning their arms and also legs behind them and also tying all four appendages together.

Someone that is that completely restrained is not most likely to it is in any an ext of a threat than someone who is unconscious. If their weapon is in pieces and they can"t move...they are subdued. No need for the risky proposition that rending lock unconscious.

(Note: This is sort of like exactly how Spiderman handles crooks. The doesn"t have to knock castle out...he just hits them enough to daze/disarm them, then webs them come a solid thing til the police arrive)

In short, it have to look much more like a hogtying competition at a rodeo than a appropriate fight.

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Heck, as a Super, you can probably even get a company to "endorse" you and also manufacture 4-strand heavy-duty zip tie cuffs designed specifically for that purpose.