Why have to you bathe a ferret?

Unlike humans, ferrets only require baths when they’re physically dirty or they’re exceptionally itchy. Coda (pictured above) only got two baths this year! The very first was since she dumped a bowl of raw egg yolk on her head! and the second was to regulate winter dryness.

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How often should ns wash mine Ferret?

Contrary come popular id if girlfriend wash your ferret generally it will reason them to smell even worse! it strips your skin and also fur that their natural oils. This causes their body to produce even much more oil! an ext oil renders a stinkier little slinky! We normally don’t recommend shower a ferret come “manage” their smell. If you’re having actually a smell difficulty please examine here because that reducing ferret smell.

A ferret must only gain a bath when they’re physics dirty. For instance they have poop/pee on themselves, castle dirty from digging outside, or lock dump soupie on your heads. No joke this has happened!Limit bathtub time come no an ext than once a month. Once every 6-12 month is ideal.

How lot water need to I use?

Bath time can be scary for ferrets. As soon as you fill up your bathtub you will desire to make certain your the your ferret can always comfortably touch the bottom and also is able to stand without water in your face.

The water temperature need to not be too hot. A ferrets body temperature is actually lot warmer 보다 a humans. Because that bath time us will want to stick come lukewarm water. Make certain to test it before putting her ferret in! You deserve to put the water on the underside of your wrist. If that burns then it is also hot! If that feels choose room temperature then it’s safe!

What should I usage to wash them?

There room two commodities that space safe to usage to wash her ferret:

Oatmeal Bath:Grab a clean sock, and also fill it with 1 cup that oatmeal. Tie the sock at the top.Place right into lukewarm water till the water is cloudy. Wash your ferret!Pampered Ferret bathtub Bombs:

We personally usage these due to the fact that they’re 100% ferret safe, quick, straightforward and much more moisturizing than simply oatmeal. Lock contain safe animal based moisturizers.


Toss 1-3 ferret bath bombs into lukewarm water.Wait till they dissolve totally and the water is cloudy. Wash your ferret!Give the bath tub a rapid rinse.

When we resided in Colorado the waiting was exceptionally dry so us would use 2-3 bathtub bombs per bath. Now that we live ~ above the east coastline there is more humidity in the air so we generally can obtain away through using 1-2. You deserve to learn much more and acquisition Pampered Ferret bath Bombs here. they come in package of 3 and 6!

What bath Time products are Dangerous?

Never use any kind of human products on ferrets at bath time. They generally contain necessary oils, aloe vera, and other materials that can cause serious harm to your ferret.

There are likewise a few products ~ above the industry that are found generally in pet stores that room dangerous for instance Marshalls Ferret Tea Tree Shampoo.

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Tea Tree oil is just one of the many toxic crucial oils because that ferrets and can reason organ failure.