For the very first time, Mario"s cap deserve to be lost in at sight Mario 64. If Mario gets his cap shed or stolen, it"s a big deal together it deserve to deal double damage come Mario, making her adventure much much more difficult. It could be a surprise if this is the an initial time you are playing super Mario 3D All-Stars. Hey, Mario"s gained nice hair... Yet he tho looks better with his red cap though.

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HELP! Mario shed his cap! Where execute you uncover Mario"s cap?

Mario can only shed his lid in 3 stages: shifting Sand Land, Tall, tall Mountain and also Snowman"s Land. The cap deserve to only be found in the phase that you lost it in. If friend don"t psychic which stage it happened, you"ll have actually to check all three to discover it.

In Shifting Sand Land, after ~ retrieving the very first power star, Klepto will be flying around the 4 pillars, if that steals Mario"s cap, that will proceed to organize on come it. Jump up at Klepto when he flies near Mario to recuperate the cap.

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In Tall, tall Mountain, if Mario shed his cap, it can be recovered by going up the mountain and a monkey dubbed Ukiki will be put on it. You will have to catch Ukiki to obtain it earlier - it"s no so straightforward! when you"re in a good position, do a "punch" in the direction of him and also if friend grab him, he will provide Mario his cap back.


In Snowman"s Land, the huge snowman in the phase will blow the end an arctic breeze, blowing Mario and his cap away. If the cap is not consequently recovered, Mario will be ultimately capless. If you leave the phase without the cap and re-enter, one of the snowmen will certainly be attract the cap, operation circles about the snowman to loss him, and the cap will certainly be lying under on the eye for friend to pick up.


Be careful and also don"t shed Mario"s cap, yet if friend do, it will be among these three stages!

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