Want more oral sex yet feel weird about asking because that it? truth is, most men really want to go below the belt—some simply need a little much more encouragement


They to speak all"s fair in love and war, but when it involves going down, things just aren"t. A full half of twenty-something guys revealed the they had actually received dental sex in the past month, compared with just over a third of women, per a recent study done by the national Survey of sexual Health and also Behavior.

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While two-thirds that WH readers say they wish their male would walk south much more often, 49 percent space too shy to make the request. It"s time to also the score, sisters!

What"s Holding the Back?Before you can obtain him down to business, you need to number out why he"s been lax. Possibilities are it"s not because he"s lazy.

1. Combined SignalsNearly 63 percent of guys in a current Men"s Health survey claimed that what keeps them indigenous going down on a mrs is she "no thanks" vibe. It could be that if you turned that down throughout your duration or immediately post-gym, your guy may have obtained the impression the you"re not into oral in ~ all. So clear points up. After the next time you take a pilgrimage downtown, throughout the afterglow, to speak something nonaccusatory like, "Hey, you"re so an excellent at going down on me, and also I"m dying because that more," suggests sex therapist Lori Hollander, founder that the center for genuine Intimacy in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

2. Tunnel VisionGuys deserve to be so focused on sliding into house that castle forget just how mind-blowing—and necessary—clitoral stimulation have the right to be because that you, claims sexuality counselor Ian Kerner, Ph.D., coauthor of The big Fun Sexy Sex Book. If your companion heads south only sporadically and also doesn"t continue to be long, Kerner suggests you call him that your orgasms from oral sex are often an ext intense 보다 they are once he"s inside you, and that you"d choose to end up that means once in a while before moving on come intercourse.

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3. Performance JittersCan we all agree the a man"s tool is way easier to number out 보다 yours? rather of fumbling about down there, some males skip the totality thing for are afraid of ashamed themselves. If your guy provides you oral yet doesn"t seem able to acquire into a groove or if he constantly alters tongue techniques, he probably doesn"t recognize what he"s doing and is insecure around it. Kerner"s fix: fall a line that"s both encouraging and also educational, like, "I"ve been having these fantasies of us fooling around, and then friend go under on me and also really gently use your mouth, just tiny licks with the reminder of your tongue."

4. Poor MemoriesA minority of men just don"t like giving oral sex, states clinical sexologist Amy Cooper, Ph.D., writer of The whatever Orgasm Book. But it"s often since of a negative experience, favor being with someone who freaked out, seemed disinterested, or had a vaginal infection and also didn"t know it, she says. One approach: take it your action into the shower head so he deserve to feel confident around the fresh factor. As soon as that hurdle is cleared, he might feel much less reluctant. If not, he might need therapy, states Cooper.

BE HIS GPSRather guide him without the gab? these nonverbal cues indigenous WH male Next Door Matt p will have him headed in the right direction.

1. Try Lip-Syncing.Take his hand while he"s going under on you and also lick, kiss, and also suck top top the skin and fingertips, reflecting him just how you"d prefer him to take care of you.

2. Make part Noise.Coo, ooh, and ahh your approval when you choose what he"s doing, and quiet down once he strays off course. Help him go faster or slow by adjusting the rhythm or her sounds—he"ll relocate in a means that matches your tempo.

3. Lead Him On.

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Warm points up through charting a course v your fingers for him to follow. You"ll suggest the way: all over your fingers go, so should his mouth. Begin with her inner thighs, then relocate to your reduced stomach, then aid him zero in on her sensory epicenter.

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