Right after arriving on the very first SeviiIsland, additionally known as Knot Island, Bill will take you to the Pokemon Center and also lead you to a huge machine with his friend, Celio, was standing nextto it. Bill tells you the the machine is broken, and also he needs you to uncover the parts to resolve the machine. Hegives friend a Meteorite from Mt. Moon, a Tri-Pass for ferries to acquire the One, Two, and Three Island, and also a brand-new addition come your town Map that consists of a map of the Sevii Islands.

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Kindle Road

Heal her Pokemon and also get the end of the Pokemon Center. Surf in the northeast direction. You"ll with land almostimmediately. In this area, known as Kindle Road, you"ll be battling trainers and also catching Pokemon. There are Itemballs behind breakablerocks, which can be damaged using absent Smash. Head north and also enter the Ember Spa. Inside is a hot spring whereby you deserve to heal your Pokemon through dipping you yourself in the water. Talk to the old male next come the waterfall to acquire HM06 - absent Smash.

Locations (One Island)

Capturing Moltres

Head phibìc from the cavern with the hotspring, and you"ll with a beach. Surf north, and also you"ll with Mt. Ember. Here, you"ll be able to catch Moltres.

After going within the mountain, head left and also push the boulders away making use of Strength. Monitor the path and also smashthe rocks. Next, you"ll see 3 sets of stairs. Take the the left or center stairs and also go left. Fightthe trainer, and go right into the entrance right up ahead.

There"s only one method to go in here, for this reason it"s pretty basic to navigate. Once you gain out, take it the stairway up. Go to the left side for a covert Fire stone in a boulder listed below the stairs. One more Fire stone can be discovered by fixing the easy boulder puzzle on the right side. After acquiring both Fire Stones, head increase the stairway again.Now you"ll face an additional puzzle, this one a small bit more daunting than the last one, but still isn"t difficult at all. After obtaining through the puzzle, a lv. 50 Moltres awaits you.

Locations (Mt. Ember)

Fly ago to the island"s Pokemon center from Mt. Ember, and go south. You"ll with the dock wherein you very first arrived in ~ the island. Take the Ferry to 2 Island.

Two Island

Two Island, or Boon Island, is simply a little village. Once you obtain onto the island, go east into a nice looking tan colored housewith a blue roof, the video game Corner. This Game edge isn"t favor the Game edge in Celadon City through slot machines; this place let"s you play mini games referred to as Pokemon Jump and also Dodrio Berry-Picking through a friend. A tiny girl"s father will certainly ask girlfriend to save his daughter, Lostelle. This rescuing is all done on 3 Island.For the guide on 3 Island, click "Next" below.

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For now, you have the right to go every the means north to the relocate Tutor"s house, located in a small region called Cape Brink. This move Tutor teaches her starter Pokemon moves for free. She teaches one of three moves,depending on her starter Pokemon: Frenzy tree (Grass), Blast Burn (Fire), or Hydro Cannon (Water). These movesall carry out 150 damage, i beg your pardon is a lot. Be sure to have actually your starter in the very first slot before talking come the move Tutor.