The vast majority of manufacturers use polyurethane on wood to prolong and also preserve its life. Polyurethane is used to provide the lumber a long-lasting and also glossy finish. This sort of end up is also great for giving a protective surface ar on height of the wood. It prevents the lumber from gaining scratched and damaged.

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But, just like any kind of protective product, the can also fade and wear out over time. To reclaim the wood’s shine, it can be essential to remove the worn-out layer and also place a brand-new one.

This article will present you just how to remove polyurethane from wood in no time. It guarantees that the will save you both time and money. Keep analysis to discover out how.

Insight on polyurethane


You need to know that polyurethane come in 2 formulas. It comes in one oil-based formula and also a water-based formula. The people that have an oil-based formula usually space resistant come water. They additionally show resistance to both alcohol and also various acids. The downside of this formula is the it becomes yellow over time.

The water-based formula is fairly the opposite. It isn’t resistant to neither alcohol no one acids. But, it remains clear and also doesn’t end up being yellow as it ages.

How to remove polyurethane native wood? 

Knowing how to eliminate polyurethane from wood is no something impossible. If you learn now, you can pretty much remove anything through a polyurethane finish. It is an particularly easy project to do. You will have the ability to do the in no time through minimal effort.

Tools and also equipment crucial for this project: 


Floor scraperGloves (preferably rubber gloves)Fine grit sandpaperProtective eyewear (safety goggles)Chemical stripper

With these things, you will have to remove polyurethane complete from lumber structures. That won’t it is in a productive job, however it will call for a little patience.

Environment Preparation


Since you’re using strong striping chemicals, you need to be in an proactively ventilated room.

If you carry out not have any type of installed ventilation, open the doors and also windows in the room. Friend can also place two ventilators. One the is blowing inside the room and also one in the direction of the outside. That way, girlfriend will eliminate the toxicity air from the room.

Make sure also to protect the floor. Put nylon or part other towel over the floor and the furniture to protect it indigenous the drips. If over there are any kind of portable objects in the room, make sure to remove them.

Wear the ideal gear


Paint remover can be highly toxic and corrosive to the skin. Make sure to undertake rubber gloves to defend your hands. Also, placed on safety goggles as the harsh chemicals have the right to irritate your eyes. Also, you can need a ventilator mask. Depending upon the intensity of the chemical, the fumes can cause irritation to your throat and also lungs.

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DIY your repaint remover/ buy a one-of-a-kind stripper


A the majority of store-bought repaint removers have the right to be harsh, and also your skin and also even reason irritation to her respiratory system. Methylene chloride is an efficient remover but can be very detrimental to human being health. Girlfriend can constantly choose a water-based remover. However, they can take up a the majority of time and also energy.