my daughters exited the room wherein they were an alleged to obtain the Reducto spell and continued the video game without it. They deserve to progress further into the game prior to getting it, but when they go back to the class where lock were claimed to learn the spell, it won"t market them the chance. Us restarted the level without saving, and also the video game still won"t allow them get the spell. Is over there a method they can back track and unlock the Reducto spell?

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Yep it"s a glitch. I encountered that too... Damaged all the "metal" statues and also nothing happened like REDUCTO assignment LEARNED! instead was nothing. And also I was wandering a bit about the class and also then tried to walk away and guess what... I made it but without the spell. Now I"m grounding in the following level. Wherein reducto is crucial... Somewhere I check out that come "fix" this is to begin a brand-new game and also when you have actually lesson v Flitwick just do points to acquire spell! Don"t collect anything choose character studs or gold blocks. Or this will take place again...


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