Every Jammer enjoys having a Rare, or multiple Rares. Not many civilization have them, they are interesting and they put you in the spotlight. Sometimes, the is not easy to gain your hands on Rares in animal Jam. It is why there room so numerous scammers trying come steal your Rares indigenous you. Luckily, there room a few methods the you have the right to use come get an ext Rares in animal Jam.

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1. Trading rare Items

If you space looking for particular Rares, the is a an excellent idea to profession for them. To perform so, you’ll need Rare, or expensive item yourself, or else no one would want to trade with you. One of the most wanted items in AJ is the gold Bow and Arrows.

The reason being that the golden Bow and Arrows is among the most expensive items in the game. You can buy a set at the Epic wonders shop. Be all set to spend 4500 of your gems because that the totality set.


Once you have the set, go to a busy world, and find out wherein all the other Jammers room hanging out. You have the right to usually find many Jammers in ~ the Jamaa Township. Once there, kind out what you room trading, and also what you are looking to trade for. World usually will offer at the very least a Rare, if not multiple Rares for a gold Bow and also Arrows set.

2. Mondays space Important


Every Monday on animal Jam, numerous rare items acquire released. You have the right to buy those rarely items with gems. That is a great idea to buy those Rares, especially because they are only easily accessible for a very short period of time. Your value nearly always go up due to the fact that of this.

Keep in mind that Rare article Mondays, or RIMs, frequently only has members-only Rares. The items space often also pretty expensive. If you don’t have enough inventory an are on your account for all of your Rares, that a good idea to do multiple accounts, and then transfer your Rares.

3. Collect Adventure Items

Doing an ext adventures in AJ will reward you with gems. However, sometimes it is possible to obtain a rare item fall by doing an adventure. As soon as asked about the an obstacle mode, you must pick Hard, together it will rise the rate of a rare item drop.

However, store in mind that the rare item drop might not it is in what you were looking for. You can then repeat the method above and try to trade your undesirable Rare item for an object that you were looking for.

4. Play Return of the Phantoms


Return that the Phantoms is just one of those adventures that has actually a decent chance of dropping a rarely item. Make certain to pick Hard once you space at the Adventure an obstacle screen. After you successfully finish the Return the the Phantoms, you get a sweetheart chest. That treasure chest might contain a an extremely nice rare item.

5. Pick up items on Clearance

During the holiday Season, numerous items in the Shops walk on clearance. If you view a tag that claims “number of work left”, it method that details item will leave the shops because that a while. That is a an excellent idea to buy those items, due to the fact that they will come to be Rare on your own. You deserve to then usage those clearance items to trade for other Rares that you can have been looking for.

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6. Special Holidays in animal Jam


It is additionally a great idea to play animal Jam on special days, such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas and more. On these days, you room able to collect unique armor sets and other items, matching the layout of the day. Those items typically becomes pretty Rare, especially because not anyone is able to collection them.

I hope this overview has been useful to see just how to get an ext rares in pet Jam. Over there are numerous rares to collect so pick your favourite and shot to gain them! Which rare items room your favorites? do you have any type of to trade? let us know in the comments!