Collecting every last Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby for the Nintendo GBA is a project for the world"s biggest Pokemon trainers. It"s not an easy job though, even if you trade Pokemon on the Gamecube through a bunch of different games, girlfriend still won"t have actually them all. That"s once it"s time for a video video game cheat! seize this info from Cheat Street and you"ll it is in all collection with cheat codes, hints, walkthroughs, secrets, passwords and much more to assist you beat her fave game.

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Dear Gary,

I have two problems. First things first, perform you email the answers? next thing, do you have cheats for Pokemon LeafGreen? I need some super great cheats like how to gain Deoxys without a Nintendo edvent!!!

Plus, how, in Pokemon Sapphire, do you obtain the Pokemon on the moon (I execute not no what its name is). Also, in Pokemon Sapphire how do you get to walk to the moon? Because, as soon as I request the man he stated spaceship 19 make it come the moon and back (or something like that) yet the password on the internet said he needs to say spaceship 100 do it.Please call me, I need to know.Lek94

Hey Lek94,

I have some great news, and some more great news! add to there"s a bunch that game cheats for Pokemon Sapphire and also Pokemon LeafGreen because that you. Very first things first, the room Pokemon is named Jirachi and there"s currently a bunch of info on catching this outer space Pokemon. The other good news is the I have a video game walkthrough because that you on just how to capture the Deoxys Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen that"ll do it so basic it"s like having actually a GBA game cheat! below goes:

Capturing Jirachi in Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire

Click Here for the Gameboy Advance video game cheat that"ll help you record Jirachi, the room Pokemon.

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Capturing Deoxys in Pokemon LeafGreen or Pokemon FireRed

To record the Deoxys Pokemon, you need to gain to its residence on Birth Island. The only means to acquire there is by having the Aurora ticket and hopping a boat ride indigenous the harbor in Vemilion City. Plus, you"ll should stock up on lots of Ultra Balls "cuz this deserve to be a tricky Pokemon to catch. Make sure your Pokemon room at least L40 in FireRed or L30 in LeafGreen, otherwise Deoxys will stomp top top "em.

When you hop turn off the boat on the island, the video game music walk quiet - spooky! then you"ll uncover a triangle-shaped puzzle, through a black color triangle within it, the you have to solve before you can battle Deoxys. Here"s a walkthrough top top the measures for fixing the puzzle:

Birth Island Pokemon Puzzle Walkthrough:Start at the bottom the the triangle.Take a action down and also go all the means to the left.Take three procedures right and also go every the method up.Take 5 steps down and also go every the method to the right.Take three measures up and go every the way to the left.Go all the means right.Take two measures left and also go all the way down.Take one action down and also go all the method left.Go all the method right.Take three measures left and face down.Save your game cuz it"s battle time!Examine the triangle - Deoxys will certainly jump out!

The weirdest thing about Deoxys is that it changes stats in each Pokemon game. In Pokemon FireRed, it has actually a huge attack rating. In Pokemon LeafGreen it has a huge defense rating. In Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire it has average stats, but you can"t catch it in ~ all and have to trade it from another Pokemon game. In Pokemon Emerald, Deoxys has the highest speed in the game, even faster than Ninjask!

That"s it for Pokemon Ruby video clip game cheats and also walkthroughs this week, however stick around and also see what cheats Gary can come up v for next week. He"ll obtain the 411 on every the coolest game codes! Don"t forget, if you obtain stuck and also need a video game cheat code, and also let the know!