I was just curious if any kind of players had suggestions because that earning gems faster. For this reason far, among the fastest means I have found is come play Ladybug Lane through a buddy over and also over. The winner it s okay 250 Gems and the loser gets 100 Gems. If you and also your buddy play relatively quickly (not acquisition forever to decide your next move) then the video game can end within a minute.

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Here"s the present list of things we"ve developed in this discussion. Hopefully i haven"t let go anything out.


Buddy Games 

Pill Bugs

Fast Foodies (Level 5 or Level 20)

Touch Pool

Best guess: v (Will must be tapped every 10 mins or so)

Pest Control

A Puppy"s Tale

Gem Breaker


Membership 2x Gems advantage (Requires IRL Money)

Pack operation (Requires IRL Money)

Lots of animal Treasure Hunts (May need IRL Money or a most time)

Watching Ads 


This is correct. But dont forget to pop that dual potion for dual the gains. That is also good if you can bare to spend fifty percent an hour come an hour of obtaining all the answers correct manually. I have 5 million gems currently so ns don"t know what to execute with them. Im only playing finest guess because that the exp. 

MushyArchery wrote:Here"s the existing list of things we"ve created in this discussion. Hopefully ns haven"t missed anything out.

I think the is essential to be specific. Eg: because that gem breaker, act the an extremely last level (or above level 70 or so) is a an excellent way because that making money. The lower levels wont do anyone any kind of good. The is only worth that if you are good at it too and can win almost every time.

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maybe spam beat checkers on two devices? earlier when it supported my old tablet, ns did that v my sisters tablet owoo.


Or (if you have actually completed it) gem breaker level 63 provides you 9000 jewel halfway with it, which because that me is relatively quick. It is a the majority of gems