Gertrude’s Cat is a pursuit in which you have actually to uncover the lost pet cat the Gertrude named Fluffs. Assist to gain her cat back, she will provide you a furry reward.

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Rewards for Completing the Quest:

A kitten.A chocolatecake.1 pursuit point.1,525 cooking XP.Stew.


Go to the south of the cooking guild and also enter right into the house of Gertrude. She will certainly tell you that she shed her pet cat Fluffs. She will certainly ask girlfriend to uncover her cat. You will agree to assist in finding her cat.


Teleport yourself toVarrocksquare. You will uncover two youngsters there, begin conversation with any type of one of them, and ask them around the cat Fluffs. Both of lock will need some cash to tell that wherein they witnessed the cat. Give them 100 coins.Shilopwill tell they witnessed the cat at an exit lumber past the Jolly Boar Inn.


Now teleport to Lumberyard. Rise over the damaged fence, rise up the ladder and you will uncover a cat. Shot to pick the cat but the cat won’t permit you come touch her. Climb down the ladder and get the kittens indigenous the crates. Take it the kittens come the cat and also pick her up.

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Now teleport yourself ago to the cooking guild. Phone call Gertrude the you uncovered your cat, she was in addition to her kittens. Your quest has now come to an end.


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