We have the right to use the edge bisector technique to build some other angles indigenous existing angles.

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Examples:A 30° angle deserve to be derived by bisecting a 60° angle. A 15° angle deserve to be obtained by bisecting a 30° angle. A 45° angle have the right to be acquired by bisecting a 90° angle. A 22.5° angle deserve to be derived by bisecting a 45° angle.

How to build a 45° angle by bisecting a 90° angle?

Example:The number shows a allude A top top a straight line. Build an angle of 45° at point A.


Solution:Construct a 90° angle, and then construct an edge bisector to obtain a 45° angle.

Step 1: Stretch your compasses until it is more then fifty percent the size ofAB. Placed the sharp finish at A and mark one arc over and one more arc below line segment AB.


Step 2: Without changing the width of the compasses, placed the sharp endat B and mark arcs over and below the line segment AB that will intersect with the arcs drawn in action 1.


Step 3: sign up with the 2 points whereby the arcs intersect with a right line.This line is the perpendicular bisector the AB. P is the midpoint that AB.


Step 4: Bisect the 90-degree edge to forma 45-degree angle.


In review the measures to construct a 45° angle are:

Construct perpendicular lines to obtain a 90° angle.Bisect the 90° angle to achieve a 45° angle.

How to build a 45-degree angle making use of compass and straightedge?Step 1: construct perpendicular present (90 degrees).

Step 2: Bisect the angle to acquire a 45-degree angle.

How to construct a 30-degree angle without using a protractor?This video clip shows two methods to construct a 30-degree angle.The an initial way beginning by constructing part of an it is intended triangle, then bisecting the 60° angle.The second technique starts by creating a rhombus with 60° and also 120° angles, then joining theopposite vertices to leaving the 30° angle.

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How to build a 75-degree angle through a compass?Step 1: construct 60-degree angle by building an it is intended triangle.Step 2: Bisect a 60-degree angle to form a 30-degree angle.Step 3: Bisect the 30-degree angle to kind a 15-degree angle.Step 4: incorporate a 60-degree angle through a 15-degree angle to kind a 75-degree angle.

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