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If you have actually kids, you probably have Play Doh. And if you have actually Play-Doh, it’s probably been left the end at some suggest and obtained all cracked and dried out.

My small one loves her Play Doh and I didn’t want to just throw the out as soon as I found it in poor shape.

So I made decision to discover a method to revive ours tough, old dried out Play Doh, making the soft and pliable once more.


I searched the web and Pinterest and also found a few suggestions, every one of which i tried.

Here is the an approach that hands-down functioned the best. Every you require is a damp document towel and also a Ziploc bag and also your old dried the end Play Doh can be as good as new again!


First flatten out your Doh into a pancake that will fit into a quart-size Ziploc bag. Item it with each other if you have to.

This rises the surface ar area and also allows more contact with water in the damp paper towel.


Next, include some water come a few paper towels and squeeze any extra water out (you desire them damp however not soaking wet).

Wrap the slightly damp document towels roughly the planarization Doh, pressing them together gently therefore the record towel is in call with the Doh.

Then ar the dried out Play Doh and record towels into a Ziploc bag and seal it.

After 2 or three hrs the Play-Doh will have soaked up all of the water from the document towel and will be soft and pliable when more!

It have the right to bea tiny slimy as soon as you an initial take it the end of the bag (mine left some doughy residue ~ above my hands that come off through water) andyou will have towork it roughly with yourhands because that a minute, yet then the really will be as an excellent as new.

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I imagine if you had some seriously dried out Play Doh friend would need to either use much more water and/or let it sit because that longer.

I hope this helps you conserve some old Play-Doh and the money that you would have actually spent buying brand-new supplies because that your little ones!


Any questions about how come revive pat Doh or lug dried the end Play Doh back to life? Please leaving a comment below or send me a post on The Frugal South’s on facebook page!