A prism that has 5 rectangular faces and 2 parallel pentagonal bases is a pentagonal prism. So friend are given the apothem length(a), basic length(b) and height(h) of the pentagonal prism. You have to discover the surface area and also the volume the the Pentagonal Prism.

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Examples:Input : a=3, b=5, h=6Output :surface area=225, volume=225Input : a=2, b=3, h=5Output :surface area=105, volume=75
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In this figure,a– apothem length of the Pentagonal Prism.b– base size of the Pentagonal Prism.

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h– height of the Pentagonal Prism.Formulas:Below room the formulas because that calculating the surface area and also the volume that the Pythagonal Prism. $$ surface Area(A)= 5	imes a	imes b + 5	imes b	imes h $$ $$ Volume(v)= frac52	imes b	imes h $$
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