These lessons assist Grade 4 college student learn around division: how to division 3-digit number by 1-digit numbers. This can be excellent by long department or short division.

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The following diagrams present the actions for long division: Divide, Multiply, Subtract, bring Down. Scroll down the web page for an ext examples and solutions.


Long Division

Long Division: 3-digit division by 1-digitThis video shows you how to do lengthy division, using straightforward short steps.Step 1: DivideStep 2: MultiplyStep 3: SubtractStep 4: carry Down

Example:537 ÷ 3

Long Division: triple-digit separated by solitary digitThis is a usual long department problem because that grade 4. The difficulty is 747 divided by 4. This video shows a systems using the standard long division algorithm. Always remember come “divide,” “multiply,” “subtract,” and “bring down.” store your ar value columns straight.

Divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number using the stepsDivide, Multiply, Subtract, Compare, bring Down.

Examples:402 ÷ 6649 ÷ 8

Short Division

Short department - 3 digits by 1 digit


126 ÷ 3184 ÷ 4162 ÷ 6161 ÷ 7

A far better Way come Divide: brief DivisionShort division is exactly what the name implies — a shorter means to divide. The mental process is actually no different from lengthy division, yet the written procedures are. Short division also makes it simpler to divide numbers mentally.


632 ÷ 497104 ÷ 12

Short DivisionDivide native left to right, and carry wherein needed.

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108 ÷ 3612 ÷ 6545 ÷ 5693 ÷ 31216 ÷ 4485 ÷ 5816 ÷ 6

Short department ExamplesThis video clip shows a collection of short department problems and likewise shows just how to inspect the prize by multiplying.Problems begin with easy examples like 48 separated by 2, and also gets as much as 1736 separated by 7.This is a fast-paced evaluation for someone who’s already been introduced to quick division.

Division Songs

Long department SongDivide, Multiply, Subtract, carry DownThat’s how A Quotient is Found

Long department Song (Ho Hey Parody)

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