Every video game in Android OS saves video game data in its video game folder, few of the data in the Google Play gamings database, and also other data prefer Login-based data in on facebook or any other social media app's database.

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If you have played a game on and now you want to delete video game data from her android phone or tablet as result of some reason, then this post is because that you.

I've mutual 3 simple ways come delete game data of any type of game on android phones and tablets.

exactly how to delete game data on an Android phone or tablet?

The simplest method to clear the game data is native the video game settings. The will eliminate all the data native its local storage, no from virtual storage.

1. To delete the game data, open settings, and also search because that the Apps & Games.

2. Now pick the video game that you desire to clean the data. Currently Tap ~ above Clear Data. And also it will clear all the data i m sorry is save on computer in the local storage of the device.

3. Or if her android variation is 9+(Greater than Pie), You can Tap top top the video game icon and also press it till you the alternative list will appear. Now select the i (App info) Option.


4. It will open up the game settings page now Tap on the Clear Data button.

just how to delete Google play video game data?

You have the right to delete the game data of a certain game. That will remove all the data achievements, perfect levels(progress), and also other data i m sorry is save on the Google Play gamings data server.

for this reason beware before deleting any type of data that you will not gain it earlier once deleted.

1. Open Google play Games app and also select Three dots (More option).

2. Select Delete Play games account & data option.


3. Now choose which Game's data you want to delete native the provided list that games.

exactly how to delete game data native Facebook?

If you have actually deleted your data from your android an equipment and Google Play games account. Currently you want to delete game data indigenous your on facebook account i m sorry is stored when logging into the game.

Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other MNCs offered your data for organization or to display the ads or they have the right to sell your data to anyone.

You have the right to delete video game data the is stored in Facebook's database easily. Facebook permits us come download, upgrade or delete our data with the facebook app and Facebook website.

monitor the listed below steps to acquire delete your game data.

Delete game data from facebook app:

1. Open up the Facebook application on your android device.

2. Now open the settings in the facebook app.

3. Search for Apps and also Websites under the Permissions section.


4. Climate you will check out the perform of different apps and also games. Pick the game from i beg your pardon you want to clean the video game data.


5. Tap ~ above Remove and also it will eliminate all the game data i beg your pardon is stored for that game.

1. Open up the facebook website and also browse the settings.

2. Select Apps and also Websites in the Permissions tab.


3. Now pick the remove choice to delete the video game data indigenous a on facebook website.

Still, her data isn't deleted. Girlfriend can contact the respective game developer by filling a contact kind or by sending out them in detail mail around removing your game data.


How perform you reset game progress on Android?

: Resetting the game progress data ~ above android isn't big deal. Simply open her android an equipment settings app. 

search because that the Apps & Games and select the video game that you want to reset. Then open the game settings page and Tap on Clear Data or Clear Storage.

How do I access game data top top Android?

: girlfriend can access the video game data v the paper manager. Simply open the record manager and follow this path: Internal storage > Android > Data or Internal storage > Android > OBB.

If you are using android 11, then it's tough to access the game data directly. Friend will must install the X-plore application which is capable to access the game folders.

Will I shed my video game progress if ns clear data?

: Yes. Girlfriend will lose all the video game data which you have completed on the game.


native the over article, us conclude that you can delete game data in 3 ways. Each technique works for a various purpose.

so be certain that you want to delete game data from where? from regional storage or online server or from facebook's database.

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measures for the on facebook app and also website space pretty lot similar. But some human being find that difficult, so we have given in-depth instructions to delete game data from facebook Website and also app also.

Still, friend face challenges during Deleting the game data from everywhere please allow us know in the comment section!