i really desire to get rid of it. I"ve been with the whole companion’s pursuit line and cured Kodlak"s. I eliminated all 5 witches and also have 4 that the heads left in mine inventory.

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I"ve been back to that same flame and tried to usage it v the head, but nothing going; activating it does nothing. I"ve heard this is just how you cure it; yet I have actually not heard a first-hand account of anyone in reality curing it.

If girlfriend have, can you explain what girlfriend do? do you walk to the exact same tomb where you dealt with Kodlak"s beast form? execute you perform something special through the witch head in her inventory, or just have actually it in there and also activate the harbinger flame or whatever?

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Well, i cured my very own lycanthropy. Ns noticed over there is one vote on this so ns am sure that over there are people who are still interested in this. I will certainly leave together much detail as feasible in the expect of helping human being who have actually this concern in the future.

First the all, yes, the procedure for curing is precisely the exact same as just how you cure Kodlak. Friend just have a witch"s head in your inventory and examine the blue flame whereby you battled Kodlak"s beast, and also the alternative pops up, something like "Toss a head in the fire and also cure her lycanthropy forever?"

Now, this is around the 300th time I"d tried activating that thing, so over there is simply some serious an insect going top top here. I think it"s probably related to the reality that i spammed the flame the very first time i was there during Kodlak"s quest.

Here is the circumstance under which it finally worked:

To gain the "purity" quest, proceed doing random "quests" for Farkas and also his brother till they tell you that they want to cure themselves.

I go Farkas and also even though I offered the flame to healing Farkas, ns never acquired an choice to cure myself. Then ns did the exact same thing with his brother. Once you have actually this quest, activating the blue flame causes the beast come come out appropriate away.

After this, i tried come activate it, yet nothing happened. Then i spoke to Vilkas and he claimed something favor "Thanks, currently I"m going to stay below for a while." after ~ that, ns tried the flame again and it worked.

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I don"t recognize if it finally working was regarded what mine actions to be or whether it was just some arbitrarily chance, but know that there is hope for those that think they will certainly be stuck as a werewolf forever. Great luck.