Make a video game Day Beanie in her favorite team colors! Perfect for any kind of sport even if it is it’s high school, college, or professional. It will be certain to save you heat while cheering them on.

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Pattern is worked from the brim up and also is created for adult size. Do in heavy colors or add stripes. Or add in your groups name! You deserve to do this one of two people by crocheting in a graph together you job-related the beanie or “cross stitching” over the stitches.

See here for just how to graph crochet. This is done wherein you crochet various colors and carry her yarn together you work. Every graph block equals 1 single crochet. I made my very own graph making use of Stitch Fiddle, which is a website because that crafters. It is totally free to use, yet there is a paid variation with included features.

See below for exactly how to cross Stitch over her crochet. The p hat was made utilizing Cross Stitch technique. Every SC is almost square and works perfect because that cross stitch. Usage the 4 corners of the stitch together you would certainly if in reality cross stitching.


video game Day Beanie Crochet pattern by Crochet the Creations


Materials NeededI 5.5mm crochet hookMedium #4 weight yarn in team colorsScissorsTapestry needleOptional: Clover Pom Pom MakerGauge1” square = 4sc x 3 rowsStitches Used/Abbreviations (US Terms)HDC – Half dual CrochetSC – solitary CrochetSC2TOG – single Crochet with each other or DecreaseBLO – back Loop OnlyPattern NotesBeanie come in adult size and is functioned from the brim up

Adult Size game Day Beanie


Ch 23

Row 1: hdc in 2nd ch native hk and each ch across (22) turn

Row 2 – 46 or 20” unstretched: ch 1, hdc in BLO throughout (22) turn.

Sl St first row and last heat together. Save sl st seam ~ above the outside, because brim will be urgently in half. Perform not end up off, proceeds to occupational the beanie. Revolve brim vertically and also work horizontally along the end of the rows because that the beanie.


Rnd 1: ch 1, sc 80 times approximately the brim. Join. (80) guideline to acquire 80 stitches evenly around. Ar stitch markers every ¼ approximately the brim. Crochet 20 sc between each stitch marker. *Work in BLO if functioning a graph right into the beanie to get the stitches straight up & down rather of slanted*

Rnd 2 – 18: ch 1, sc around. Sign up with (80)

Rnd 19: ch 1, *sc in 7 st, sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (72)

Rnd 20: ch 1, *sc in 6 st, sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (64)

Rnd 21: ch 1, *sc in 5 st, sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (56)

Rnd 22: ch 1, *sc in 4 st, sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (48)

Rnd 23: ch 1, *sc in 3 st, sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (36)

Rnd 24: ch 1, *sc in 2 st, sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (24)

Rnd 25: ch 1, *sc in 1 st, sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (16)

Rnd 26: ch 1, *sc2tog* repeat around. Join. (8) finish off.

Make and also attach pom pom come the height center.

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Photo that graph made from Stitch Fiddle. Each crate counts together 1 SC. Work graph into the an initial 18 rows the the pattern.


Photo of graph paper and overcome stitching end the solitary crochet stitches


Prefer a PDF variation to print? discover it below from Ravelry

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