Change indigenous hz to seconds is possible even despite they room units the frequency and time respectively. This is due to the fact that the frequency in hertz is inversely proportional to the moment in seconds, miscellaneous that allows us to walk from secs to hz or evil versa very easily.

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Thanks come our converter, you deserve to transform a frequency in hertz to seconds by merely entering the value and clicking ~ above the calculation button. If you wish, we additionally have at hand a converter of seconds to Hertz which works in the same way but will do the reverse operation.

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How to go from Hz come seconds

As discussed before, the frequency in hertz is inversely proportional come time in seconds, i.e., it follows the adhering to mathematical formula:

t (s) = 1/freq (Hz)

60 hz come seconds

As a practical example of what we have actually just viewed in the ahead section, imagine that you want to recognize how countless seconds is 60 Hz. To execute this, we apply the math formula we have seen before and also we have actually something like:

t (s) = 1 / 60 Hz = 0.01666 seconds.

How much does 1 hz equal to seconds?


Continuing through the theory explained in the vault point, let"s calculate how countless seconds 1 Hertz is tantamount to:

t (s) = 1 / 1 hz = 1 second

This is one expected and also logical result looking at the formula that permits us to transform seconds to hz. Together we have seen before, as we rise the frequency, the moment in seconds decreases.

1 Mhz come seconds

Let"s do a 3rd example on just how to calculate the equivalence between these two frequency units. In this case, we have 1 Mhz come be converted to seconds but since the mathematical formula is only valid v Hertz, the very first thing we space going to do is readjust from Mhz to Hz 1 megahertz:

f(Hz) = f(MHz) × 1000000 = 1 Mhz x 1,000,000 = 1,000,000,000 hz

Now we apply the formula of the an initial section to understand the variety of seconds in 1 Mhz:

t (s) = 1/freq (Hz) = 1 / 1,000,000,000 hz = 0.000001 seconds.

Hz to secs equivalence table

Below friend will discover a table through the equivalence of some worths of frequency in hertz converted to secondsso you can see the it is without doubt an inversely proportional relationship, because as the frequency increases, the moment in secs decreases.

Hertz (Hz)Seconds (s)

Convert hertz to secs in Excel

If you want to develop your own hertz to secs using Excel, in the video clip above we describe how it is done.

We have simply transferred the theoretical formula to Excel in bespeak to do the conversion. If girlfriend would prefer to try it yourself, open a spreadsheet and write in an empty cell the adhering to expression:


You will only have actually to change the indigenous "freq" come the variety of hz you desire to convert to seconds. For example, if you want to change 2 hz come seconds, you will write the this way:


If you want to transform 20 hz come seconds, then you would use this one:


If friend have any type of questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us or create a comment.

What is a hertz?

If you have actually come this far without knowing what is a hertz, we are going to explain it as finest we deserve to for friend to understand it.

A hertz is a unit the frequency and means "one cycle per second". or express in other words, "the oscillation defined by a particle throughout a duration of one second",

Mathematically, the over can it is in expressed together follows:

f = 1/T = Hz = s-1 = 1/s

If friend notice, this formula is similar to the one we have actually used to transform from hz come seconds.

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Since we know exactly how much 1 Hz is worth and also the time its period lasts (1 second), then we deserve to from hertz to seconds v a simple division or by using our converter that does the calculation automatically.