To convert a gram measurement to a calorie measurement, main point the weight by the counter ratio.

due to the fact that one gram of human body fat is equal to 7.716179 calories, you can use this straightforward formula come convert:

Grams space a unit of weight, and calories room a unit the energy. Keep analysis to learn more about every unit that measure.

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A gram is the mass/weight equal to 1/1,000 that a kilogram and is roughly equivalent to the fixed of one cubic centimeter the water.

The gram, or gramme, is an SI unit of load in the metric system. Grams can be abbreviated together g; for example, 1 gram can be composed as 1 g.


Converting calories is actually a counter of energy shed by the human body performing work-related rather 보다 actual weight. Once measuring the power content in foods, the large calorie, or kilocalorie, is used, but it"s regularly still just dubbed a "calorie."

One calorie (large calorie) is same to the heat needed come raise the temperature of one kilogram that water through 1 degree Celsius.

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<1> You"ll need to burn 3,500 calories much more than friend eat to lose one lb of weight.<2>

Calories can be abbreviated together kcal; because that example, 1 calorie deserve to be composed as 1 kcal.

Gram to Calorie switch Table

Gram measurements converted to calorie Grams calories
1 g 7.7162 kcal
2 g 15.43 kcal
3 g 23.15 kcal
4 g 30.86 kcal
5 g 38.58 kcal
6 g 46.3 kcal
7 g 54.01 kcal
8 g 61.73 kcal
9 g 69.45 kcal
10 g 77.16 kcal
11 g 84.88 kcal
12 g 92.59 kcal
13 g 100.31 kcal
14 g 108.03 kcal
15 g 115.74 kcal
16 g 123.46 kcal
17 g 131.18 kcal
18 g 138.89 kcal
19 g 146.61 kcal
20 g 154.32 kcal
21 g 162.04 kcal
22 g 169.76 kcal
23 g 177.47 kcal
24 g 185.19 kcal
25 g 192.9 kcal
26 g 200.62 kcal
27 g 208.34 kcal
28 g 216.05 kcal
29 g 223.77 kcal
30 g 231.49 kcal
31 g 239.2 kcal
32 g 246.92 kcal
33 g 254.63 kcal
34 g 262.35 kcal
35 g 270.07 kcal
36 g 277.78 kcal
37 g 285.5 kcal
38 g 293.21 kcal
39 g 300.93 kcal
40 g 308.65 kcal


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