IMVU is the world’s largest avatar-based society network v over 7 million access time a month. That is very understandable to feel frustrated since you don’t know just how to adjust IMVU password which can need a adjust because of defense reasons.

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Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn just how to readjust your IMVU password, effectively log in to your IMVU account, so girlfriend can construct deeper friendships, customise her avatars, chat with friends, shop, hang the end at cool parties, and also earn actual money by offering virtual assets you have created.

How to change IMVU Password ~ above a web Browser

The steps listed below are a overview for changing an existing IMVU password, meaning you understand your password and you’ll as with to change it come something different.

1. Go to the IMVU desktop website and login to your IMVU account by entering her email resolve and her password

How to adjust IMVU Password

3. As soon as you click on the link in the email they sent out you, that will open a new page that contains a new temporary email through random numbers and also letters. Friend can change this password to something different by complying with the steps over on exactly how to change IMVU password.

4. Girlfriend will should sign in to her IMVU account an initial before friend can adjust your password.

Can you Reactivate IMVU Account?

If friend deleted your IMVU account temporarily and also will like to be earlier to the virtual civilization of IMVU, you have the right to recover your IMVU account. I am not sure how long IMVU keeps deactivated accounts however you deserve to have a go, see if you deserve to reactivate her IMVU account.

1. You need to have access to the email you used to authorize up because that IMVU. This is because you’ll require the IMVU account deletion confirmation email that was sent out to you as soon as you deleted your account.

2. Open the email from IMVU that says “IMVU Alert: her account has actually been deleted.

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3. Click your IMVU account reactivation link on the email. This will fill up a page where you have the right to reactivate your account.