One-button LED watches space super beneficial and an easy to use. Press the switch once to display the time, and then press and also hold the switch for 3 secs to choose the ideal hour and also minutes. You deserve to even set the day by act the exact same thing....

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Press the button once so her watch mirrors the time. Click the button listed below the LED screen. The preset time must appear, reflecting you the hour and minutes.<1> X Research resource pushing the button again ~ the time shows up will show you the date. If girlfriend accidentally press the button much more than once and are currently on the moment screen, simply keep pressing the button until that takes you back to the time.

Hold under the button for 3 secs until the hour beginning blinking. If the hour start flashing ~ you"ve pressed under on the button, this method it"s ready to it is in changed. Don"t let go of the button until the hour beginning blinking, even if it"s been more than 3 seconds.<2> X Research source

Click the switch until it display screens the correct hour. with the hour flashing, click the switch to navigate with the numbers. If you pass the exactly hour, don"t worry, you deserve to scroll v the number again easily.<3> X Research resource Pay attention to the A or P listed below the hour to choose AM or PM.

Press and hold the button again for 3 secs until the minutes blink. as soon as you"ve selected the correct hour, host down the switch again till the minutes begin flashing. This will tell you that the watch"s minutes are all set to it is in set.<4> X Research source If you waited too long to set the minutes and your watch already saved the settings, just press and also hold the button until the hour beginning flashing again before pressing and also holding to gain to the minutes.

Click the button to select the ideal minute. Scroll with the minute numbers by click the key button. Recommendation a clock close to you for this reason you"re certain to pick the correct minute number.<5> X Research resource Take your time clicking with the minute number so girlfriend don"t pass the appropriate one and have to role through every one of them again.
Avoid emotional the button for several seconds to conserve the settings. as soon as the ideal hour and minute room selected, don"t press the button. Clock for the time to stop flashing, informing you that your watch has been collection with its brand-new time.<6> X Research resource
View the time by pushing the button if the screen goes dark. The time might disappear as soon as the watch isn"t in use. To watch what time that is, simply press the button once so that appears.<7> X Research source
Tap the switch twice therefore the day is displayed. The date is the 2nd display that will pop up, best after the time. Click the switch two times for the date to appear.<8> X Research source If you"re setting the date right after setting the time, click the button once after ~ the time has been set to obtain to the date.
Press and hold the button until you check out a "Y" flash for "years". organize down the switch for 3 seconds and the blinking "Y" should appear. This is the years setting.<9> X Research resource
Click the button until the correct year number appears. only the last 2 digits the the year will appear under the "Y". Press the switch until the appropriate year number pops up to set the year correctly.<10> X Research resource for instance, if the year is 2019, click the button until you obtain to 19.
Hold down the switch again to collection the month. after ~ you"ve favored the year, press and hold the button again for 3 seconds until you check out the month setup begin flashing. Click v the numbers 1-12 to pick the present month.<11> X Research source because that example, if it"s September, you would pick the number 9.
Press and hold the button one last time to choose the day. host down the button for 3 secs until the day starts flashing (these room the numbers right below the month). This numbers will certainly go from 1-31. Click the button until you with the correct day.<12> X Research resource Don"t problem if girlfriend scroll previous the right day, just keep clicking the switch to go v the numbers again.
Avoid pressing the button to conserve the date in your watch.

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once the exactly year, month, and also date have been selected, don"t touch the button for numerous seconds. The numbers will avoid flashing, informing you that your watch"s day is official set.<13> X Research resource