Learn how to swap out the battery of any kind of Beats headphones v this handy DIY guide.

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Beats have actually some the the most well-endorsed headphones through celebrities and also athletes, which is among the factors for their popularity. However they’re not exactly famous for your durability and lifespan. Possibilities are, if you’ve had actually Beats wireless headphones before, friend may have busted the battery of a few pairs.

This could have led girlfriend to spend at the very least $59 and also wait for 3-10 company days because that each beats battery repair. That’s ridiculous, considering friend can obtain the instead of battery for as low together $10 top top Amazon!

That’s why, in this guide, we’re going to present you just how you can replace the faulty battery on her Beats headphones yourself. Let’s acquire right right into it.

The methods discussed in this overview will call for you to take it apart her beats headphones. This will void any kind of ongoing guarantee you may have. It’s finest to double-check if your warranty is still in effect and also make use of that, instead.

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How to check Your Beats’ Battery

Charging win headphones (From: Pixabay)

A faulty battery is frequently indicated by its i can not qualify to store electricity and therefore can’t power up her Beats. But before you walk to instead of the battery, you have to make sure that the problem doesn’t lie on other parts of her Beats.

You wouldn’t want to go to the hassle of replacing the battery just to find out that your headphones had actually a faulty charging cable, right?

If your headphones won’t charge after plugging lock in, you deserve to do several troubleshooting methods, including:

Using a various charging cableUsing one more charging head/outletCleaning dust and also debris in the charging portDoing a hard (factory) reset
because that step-by-step guides on exactly how to do these solutions, consult our article on exactly how to solve charging concerns in Bluetooth headphones.

However, if the methods above won’t work, possibilities are your Beats headphones have actually a faulty battery. You have the right to confirm this by checking if battery levels have changed post-charging making use of your clever devices.

For this, you have to pair her Beats headphones to examine their battery. Above our overview on how to pair to win headphones if you’re having connectivity issues.

Here’s exactly how you can inspect your Beats’ battery on iOS, Mac, and also Android devices.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Follow these procedures to inspect your win headphones’ battery in iOS devices:

Make sure that the Bluetooth on her iOS maker is on.Hold your Beats headphones within 2 inches of your unlocked iOS device.Tap “Connect” on the pairing prompt.

Connect your Beats to her iPhone v the prompt. (From: YouTube/Jordan Keyes)

A an alert card that reflects the battery level should pop up.

You should have the ability to see the battery percentage of your Beats. (From: YouTube/Jordan Keyes)

The method above only works because that Beats headphones with Apple’s W1 or H1 chips inside. If your Beats come out before 2017, castle would need a hands-on Bluetooth pairing method.

If you’ve currently paired her iOS devices with her Beats headphones, you have the right to use the battery widget to examine for their battery level in ~ a glance. Here’s how to execute so:

Go to her iOS machine home page and swipe to the appropriate to the widget page.Select Edit/Customize and also tap the “+” switch to a brand-new widget.

Add a new widget to check out your to win battery.

Scroll down until you find the battery widget.You deserve to now watch the battery level of your Beats device.

Check her Beats’ battery through iOS widget.

On your Mac

You can likewise check the battery level of her Beats headphones utilizing macOS devices. Here’s how:

Connect her Beats to her Macbook or iMac with Bluetooth.Click the Bluetooth option in the top-right corner of her macOS device.From there, click your beats headphones come show much more options. You will view the battery percentage of her Beats in the pop-up tab.

Checking Beats’ battery level top top Mac

On your Android device

Despite being owned through Apple, PowerBeats Pro is among the ideal wireless earbuds for Android. Therefore it just makes feeling if you’re utilizing Beats commodities on your Android.

If you’re utilizing your Beats with an Android device, you deserve to follow these actions to inspect their battery life:

Pair her Beats with your Android device.Open increase the settings menu, and navigate to the Bluetooth settings.You will watch your win headphones along with their battery life.

Navigate come Bluetooth settings and also find the end your Beats’ battery.

Alternatively, you deserve to download the Beats application for Android to examine the battery level and also access an ext options like active noise cancellation and also transparency mode.

On your windows PC

If you’re making use of your to win on home windows PC, you deserve to follow these steps to inspect their battery levels:

Connect her Beats come your windows PC.Go to SettingsBluetooth & other Devices.Under the Audio menu, you must see the name and battery percent of your Beats.

Find the battery info under the Bluetooth menu.

If girlfriend have evidenced that your Beats have a faulty battery, you have the right to start planning to replace it v a new one.

You need to be extra mindful when opening your to win headphones due to the fact that the contents inside are really delicate. If it’s your first time tinkering with your headphones, above our short article on exactly how to open your to win headphones for the step-by-step guide.

How to change the Battery that Powerbeats Pro

The PowerBeats Pro is one of the most renowned workout earbuds in the sector right now. However replacing its battery can be a little tricky for beginners – but not impossible.

Follow this step-by-step overview to replace the faulty battery on your PowerBeats Pro:

Remove the plastic cover by do an incision follow me the seam.Loosen up the battery shield through prying the up utilizing a flathead screwdriver.

Loosen the battery shield under the cover. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Pull earlier on the metal tab to eliminate the shield.

Remove the battery shield native the cover. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Apply warm to soften increase the glue extending the two battery connectors. Then, lift the adhesive making use of a flathead screwdriver.

Using flathead driver to eliminate adhesive (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Remove the solder holding the battery connectors in place.

Remove the solders from the battery connectors. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Lift the now desoldered battery making use of a prying tool.

Remove the battery. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Solder the instead of battery come the mainboard.

Solder the replacement battery. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Re-attach the battery shield and also apply superglue about the outer lines that the housing.

Put the housing ago together utilizing superglue. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

If the plastic sheathe won’t fit ago on perfectly, use a razor blade to eliminate excess and uneven plastic carefully.

If you’re having actually trouble throughout the instead of process, you deserve to consult the video guide here: PowerBeats agree Battery instead of Tutorial.

How to replace Battery of the win X

If you have actually a faulty battery in her Beats X, you deserve to follow this step-by-step overview to readjust it:

Push the other finish of the cable right into the housing using a flathead screwdriver.

Push the cable on the other end of the housing into the housing. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Pull out the internal contents from within the housing.

Pull the end the internal materials from the housing. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Peel the cables attached to the battery far to prevent damage.

Peel the cable far from battery to prevent damage. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Remove the black connection cover.

Take personally the black connection cover. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Remove the battery by desoldering the black, white, and also grey cable.

Remove the solder top top the black, white, and grey cables. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMm00KVr9Pg

Reassemble the win X, and also you’ve efficiently replaced the faulty battery.

If you’re having an obstacle or concerns with replacing your Beats X battery, consult the video guide here: beats X Battery replacement Tutorial.

How to change the Battery of win Studio 2

The win Studio 2 is one of the most basic headphones to do a battery swap. Here’s just how to perform it:

Undo the four screws stop the ear cup together.

Unscrew the earcups to obtain inside the speaker. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Remove the “R” tab and pull personally the plastic housing.

Remove headband clip to open the casing. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Disconnect the battery cable native the mainboard.

Disconnect the battery native the mainboard. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Pry up her faulty battery utilizing a prying tool.

Pry increase the battery from the adhesive. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Reassemble your Beats Studio 2.

For a much more detailed step-by-step guide, watch the video tutorial here: to win Studio 2 Battery Replacement.

How to change the Battery of to win Solo 2 and 3

The beats Solo 2 and also Solo 3 have almost identical body structures. You can follow this guide to carry out a battery swap ~ above either one of them:

Unplug the battery indigenous the mainboard.

Unplug the battery native mainboard. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Remove the battery v a prying tool.

Pry increase the faulty battery. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

Reassemble her Beats Solo 2 or 3.

Re-assemble the parts and make certain the instance clips ago in nicely. (From: YouTube/Joe’s Gaming & Electronics)

For a more intricate step-by-step guide or if friend run right into trouble throughout the process, clock the video clip tutorial on to win Solo 2 and also Solo 3 Battery Replacement.

How to replace the Battery of your First-Generation to win Headphones

First-gen beats headphones usage two constant AAA batteries, so swapping castle out need to be less complicated than more recent models. Monitor these measures to carry out so:

Find the left speaker of the headset. It’s the one the doesn’t have the strength button.Rotate the cover counterclockwise with your finger to loosen and also remove the battery cap.

Turn the left side cover counterclockwise. (From: YouTube/Marques Brownlee)

Carefully pull the end the old battery to protect against damaging the connectors.

Replace the battery with new ones. (From: YouTube/Marques Brownlee)

Put in your new batteries. Make certain that every battery is in the correct orientation.
regardless of having batteries, the win by Dr. Dre Studio space wired headphones. The two AAA batteries are there to strength the energetic noise cancellation.


Beats wireless headphones have gotten so far from their an initial generation. But with much more advanced technology comes more difficult battery instead of methods.

With this guide, you have the right to now replace the faulty battery on her Beats without having actually to invest too lot time and money on service centers.

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Do you have defective beats headphones that us haven’t covered here? allow us recognize in the comments, and we’ll cover it in ours future articles.