What is Sales Mix?

Sales Mix is the re-publishing of various products or solutions to be marketed in business with respect to its complete sales and also is among the crucial decisions to it is in taken since demand and also profitability vary from one product/services to another. This mix needs to be identified for efficient service operations in order come maximize revenue and also profitability.

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AB selling two types of Cool drinks (Drink X and also Drink Y). For this reason the company can offer both the assets in equal, or it deserve to sell Drink X 70% and also Drink Y 30%. Deciding the ideal proportion of the sales mix is a strategy decision.

This plays critical role in deciding the future the the company (i.e.) i m sorry products/services need to be offered priority, where the focus of the business should be, quick term Vs. Long term profitabilityProfitabilityProfitability describes a company"s ability to generate revenue and maximize profit over its expenditure and also operational costs. That is measured using details ratios such as gross profit margin, EBITDA, and net profit margin. It aids investors in analyzing the company"s performance.read more, market, and demand because that the product, etc.

It is analyzed by the administration on a constant basis with respect to transforming market conditions, demand for the products in the market, production capacity, accessibility of life materials, profitability of the miscellaneous products and also it create a direct impact on the business performance, selecting the ideal sales mix is a crucial decision because that the service growth and sustainability.

Sales Mix Formula

The cost and profitability of every product need to be established in order to discover the optimal mix.

Profit = sale Price the the Product (-) price of the Product Profit % = benefit Per Unit / Sales worth Per Unit


XY Corp, a automobile dealer, sell the following species of Car:


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This variance analysisVariance AnalysisVariance analysis is the process of identifying and evaluating the difference in between the conventional numbers that a agency expects to achieve and the yes, really numbers the they achieve, in order to assist the for sure analyze optimistic or an unfavorable consequences.read much more helps the administration to recognize the factors for deviation native the budgeted sales mix and to reconsider your decisions. It help to know the power of various products with respect come sales and also profitability and also each product’s contribution towards the business.


Sales Mix Variance Formula = (Actual Sales Mix – Budgeted Sales Mix) * Budgeted Units sold * Budgeted donation Margin

Actual Sales Mix is the actual performance of every product v respect to the total sales the the business.Budgeted sales Mix is the ratio of assets with respect to the full budgeted sales in ~ the start of the period.Example

A firm sells commodities A and also B v an yes, really sales mix the 40:60. They develop 2000 devices per year. The budgeted mix is 60:40. The contribution margin because that product A is $10 per unit, and also for a product, B is $8 every unit.

Sales Variance:

Product A: (600-900) * 10 = -3000 (Unfavourable Variance)Product B: (900-600) * 8 = 2400 (Favourable Variance)Total Sales Mix Variance = -600 (Unfavourable Variance)

It indicates that the yes, really mix no yield lucrative results together budgeted. Monitoring needs come relook the sales mix and also the variance for far better performance.


It is among the important decision to be made for service which sells an ext than one product, as it help the monitoring to channelize the resources based on the demand and profitability the the products.Individual product performances have the right to be analyzed based upon which the sales mix deserve to be fixed.


A wide range of products and services can be listed to the customer.Different commodities will have actually its own demand in the market; the revenue and also profitability have the right to be improved by selecting the appropriate sales mix.The client base have the right to be improved by offering various products and services.This analysis helps administration to understand the product-wise performance and also contribution come the business.


More manpower and specialization is compelled while handling various product lines.Any issue with one product can damage the as whole reputation that the business.Handling and also managing many product lines come at a huge cost.All assets produced by the company need not be successful. The margins produced by one product have the right to be eroded by another product.

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Sales Mix is one of the critical decisions bring away by the administration of the business. It requirements to be chosen to sustain in the market and also improve jae won performance. Dealing with multiple product lines can be both favorable and unfavorable at times, depending upon the sector conditions, client needs, the economic situation in the country, etc. It demands to monitor on a continuous basis, and it shall be transformed from time come time by assessing the individual product contribution.

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