What is Toshiba boots menu and also how to get in it smoothly? because the entry of Toshiba satellite boot food selection varies in different situations, things end up being complicated. V this short article of MiniTool, you don’t need to worry around it due to the fact that you can gain all details from here.

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What Is Toshiba boot Menu

You will be triggered with a splash display when you an initial turn on her computer. It speak you that you can go into the BIOS setup by pushing F2, F12 or other tricks or key shortcuts. However, it will certainly only screen for a couple of seconds.

You are forced to press different keys ~ above different computer brands. Because that example, you should press F2 top top Asus computers, F2 or F12 top top Dell PCs, F10 for HP laptops. Similarly, the boot food selection varies ~ above different computer brands. Because that instance, you can see Lenovo boot menu, HP boot menu, Dell boots menu, Toshiba boot menu disputed in this post and other boots menus.

What is Toshiba satellite boot menu? together its surname indicates, it describes the boots menu appearing on the Toshiba satellite laptop. What walk the Toshiba satellite boot food selection Windows 10 do? friend can discover answers from here.

As girlfriend know, your computer will boot the operation system mounted on the difficult drive as soon as you rotate on it. However, when your computer is grounding on a blue display screen due to error 0xc0000221 or black display resulting in unbootable error, you should boot your Toshiba satellite laptop from gadgets like device installation CD, USB speed drive, U disk, or other items.

To do that, you have actually to readjust boot order of your computer system after entering the boot menu in BIOS setup. For that, move to the following section.

How to enter Toshiba Satellite boot Menu

There space 2 cases for entering Toshiba satellite boots menu. This an initial one is that your Toshiba laptop have the right to boot normally, while one more one is that the laptop cannot boot properly. How to enter boot menu Toshiba satellite under this 2 situations?

To acquire the details, review the adhering to content the this article now!

Case 1: get in Toshiba Boot menu When computer Is Bootable

You room able to enter the Toshiba laptop boots menu easily when your computer boots smoothly. However, points will be various in the situation of being locked the end of Windows and also failing to get in system. In ~ this time, you require the assist of a windows password key.

The windows password an essential allows you to remove the lacking password and also boot the pc smoothly. After that, you have the right to use the adhering to steps to go into Toshiba boot menu.

Step 1: Turn off your Toshiba laptop.

Step 2: Restart the computer again and then keep pushing the prompted tricks on the display screen until you enter the Toshiba boots menu. The vital that girlfriend are pushing is additionally called the Toshiba boot food selection key.

Step 3: you can also enter the BIOS setup to discover the boot food selection Toshiba satellite. To perform that, you deserve to repeat the above steps to obtain the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility home window and then relocate to the Boot tab by pushing the particular keys.


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Case 2: get in Toshiba Satellite Boot food selection When pc is Unbootable

How to get in Toshiba satellite boot menu when your computer system is unbootable? based upon the reality that your computer cannot boot normally, you have to prepare a bootable USB for her Toshiba satellite.

Now, monitor these actions to go into Toshiba satellite boot food selection Windows 10.

Step 1: attach the bootable USB to her computer, and also then press the Power switch of her Toshiba satellite laptop until your computer boots.

Step 2: Keep pressing the Toshiba satellite boot menu an essential (the an essential prompted ~ you revolve on the computer) till the BIOS setup home window pops up.

Step 3: At this time, navigate to the Boot tab by using the arrowhead keys. Then, push the up or under arrow keys and also +/- secrets to adjust the boot order.

Step 4: Then press F10 to conserve the changes and hit the Enter an essential to execute the operation.

What deserve to You Do when You Cannot enter Toshiba boot Menu

What measures deserve to you take as soon as your Toshiba computer system neither accessibility BIOS nor go into the Toshiba boot menu? while if her laptop stops working to access BIOS, you have the right to read this article for answers: What If Your computer system Can’t access BIOS? A guide for You!

As because that Toshiba boot menu entry failure, you should pay fist to this section. In fact, the phenomenon – can not to go into Toshiba satellite boot menu is common to see. You can uncover plenty of individuals complain this worry when girlfriend look through forums connected with Windows.

Here is a true instance from tenforums.com.

I have actually an issue with no being able to boots my Toshiba Laptop to a fix DVD or a USB restore drive. I have recently created both from the laptop and also am do the efforts to test them. Ns am can not to obtain the laptop come boot right into the BIOS menu. Any assist greatly appreciated.--tenforums.com

How to boot her Toshiba satellite laptop properly when PC neither get in the boot menu nor boot as usual? There room 2 accessible methods because that you. The very first method is to boot her Toshiba satellite laptop via MiniTool bootable media. The 2nd is to boot the laptop with a USB recovery drive.

Method 1: boots the Toshiba Satellite Laptop under the help of MiniTool Bootable Media

Since her Toshiba satellite laptop can’t get in the boot food selection or boot as usual, you have to boot the pc under the help of outside tools favor MiniTool bootable media. This media have the right to be developed by MiniTool Partition Wizard agree or more advanced editions (like agree Ultimate).

Download and also install MiniTool Partition sorcerer’s on a pc that runs typically by clicking the buttons below, and also then affix a removable an equipment such as USB flash drive, TF card and U disk to the PC.

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Step 1: launch MiniTool Partition magician to go into the key interface.

Step 2: Click Bootable Media to go on.


Step 3: Navigate to the home window below by following on-screen instruction and also then pick USB flash Disk. Then, you will certainly be prompted with a warning window informing you the the data ~ above the USB disk will be destroyed during the process. After ~ backing up the data, click Yes to continue.


Step 4: After creating the bootable media, click the Finish button to leave the process.


Step 5: Unplug the USB and also connect it to the faulty Toshiba satellite laptop. Now, restart it forcely to enter the BIOS setup. In this window, you can set the developed bootable media together the height boot device and confirm and also save the changes.

Step 6: Then girlfriend will acquire the complying with window. You just need to click OK to walk on until navigate to the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard.


Step 7: After launching the MiniTool Partition Wizard, you have the right to utilize attributes like Check paper System, surface Test, Rebuild MBR, collection Active and also others to deal with errors on your PC. Then, your computer may boots smoothly.

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Method 2: boot the Toshiba Satellite Laptop under the assist of USB restore Drive

Another device to boot your Toshiba laptop is USB recovery drive produced by Windows integrated tool. This recovery drive contains some troubleshooting tools that can assist you solve particular errors ~ above the PC.

More importantly, some an essential system reinstallation documents can be copied by this drive, which benefits you a lot when reinstalling Windows. The defect is the your operating mechanism will back to the factory status. It suggests that friend will lose data and some alters that you have made preciously will be cancelled.

Even so, the USB recovery journey is still welcomed by windows users since the advantages are out-number than disadvantages. To develop one, you have the right to follow this steps.

Step 1: Likewise, affix an USB maker to a appropriate running computer and then open the Control Panel. Then click Recovery in the next window.


Step 2: In the following window, click the Create a recovery drive option from the listed Advanced recovery tools.


Step 3: check the Back increase system documents to the recovery journey checkbox and then click on the Next button.


Step 4: Choose the journey letter of the linked USB flash drive and click Next. The requirement for USB flash drive capacity varies ~ above different computer system models. To it is in specific, some Toshiba laptop computers require the USB flash journey should have a minimum capacity of 8GB, when others call for 16GB in ~ least.


Step 5: The restore drive will certainly be produced automatically. You must wait for part time since it may take a lengthy time. Once the creation process finishes, click Finish.


Step 6: Now, unplug the USB drive and connect it come the unbootable Toshiba computer.

Step 7: Restart the computer system repeatedly till it start up. As soon as it boots, keep pushing the Toshiba satellite boot menu crucial to go into the BIOS setup.

Step 8: Move come the Boot tab and also then set the USB recovery drive together the an initial boot device. Then select a language or nation from the pop-up keyboard layout screen and also hit Enter.

Step 9: In the following window, click Recover native a drive and then choose simply remove my files option. ~ that, monitor the on-screen instruction to complete the entirety operation.


How to go into Toshiba boot food selection on a bootable and also unbootable Toshiba laptop? here is detailed information because that that. You can likewise boot her Toshiba satellite computer with the listed methods by MiniTool once it cannot get in the Toshiba laptop boots menu. Click to tweet

Bottom Line

Read here, you deserve to know what Toshiba boot menu is and also how to accessibility it. If her Toshiba satellite laptop can’t boot as usual, you can utilize auxiliary devices such together MiniTool bootable media, USB recovery drive to boot and also fix errors v your PC.

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