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Use Box guys Walkthrough , cheat – use Boxmen is a brand-new Puzzle Platformer occurred by Greg Sergeant where you actors clones that copy your actions. Use the arrow keys come move, press the shift an essential to develop a clone. Clones room assigned the same action you do at the minute of casting The challenge increases at a constant rate, and also the final level is really hard. The Walkthrough just follow from the video below, enjoy play use Box males guysLevel 1: BeginningsJump to the platform v trees.Jump come the platform with a box.Level 2: SpecialMake a girlfriend at the button.Level 3: twin JumpJump and make a friend close to the reduced platform.Level 4: short CeilingsRun come the switch.Make a friend once the eco-friendly boxman is under the top platform.Level 5: ControlMake a friend alongside the move (left).Make one more friend running in the direction of the friend made before.Level 6: Energetic ThingsMake a friend alongside the strength generator (right).Make a girlfriend running in between the girlfriend made before and a wall.Jump onto an additional platform quickly.Level 7: A backward G, In Honour of MeMake a crouching friend close to the right finish of height platform of backward G.Jump down from the left side and make a friend when the green boxman falls.Level 8: TimingKeep pressing ‘right’ and make a friend close to the second lowest set of spikes ~ above the appropriate side.Level 9: 15 personal GuidesMake girlfriend to test if there space gaps.Make girlfriend to note platforms.Level 10: RaceMake a friend at the left finish of top longer platform.Make a crouching friend at each end of top shorter platform.Stand beside rightmost friend. Do a running girlfriend as shortly as possible.Level 11: tall Chairs.Make a crouching friend at the right end of leftmost plaform.Make a crouching friend at each of the 4 pillars.Jump under from outward plaform and make a girlfriend to the best side.Generate power by running roughly the generator quickly.Level 12: Co-OrdinationStand close to the left gate and make a running friend to the right side.Release the switch when the right end moving communication ‘touches’ left spike of the three spikes.Jump and touch the switch on the ceiling.Press an additional button once the friend clear the gate.Level 13: Time and also SpaceNotes for ‘dead’ gates: X means On, O way Off.Open 2 doors by making 2 friends. Make a friend on appropriate button. Currently XXOOXMake a friend on each finish of top left plaform. Do a running friend between them.Left switch: Left → OXOXX, right XXOOXLeft move Left + right switch Left OXOXOLeft move Left + appropriate switch right OOOXXLeft switch appropriate + appropriate switch Left XXOOOLeft switch appropriate + appropriate switch ideal XOOOXMaking a friend running from the ideal side and also now manage the appropriate switch therefore XXOOO climate OOOXX.Level 14Go to the communication on the best where over there is a house.Walk within the house.

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Then jump up and down inside the house.To end up the critical level(14) you need to jump on the roof of the houseUse Boxmen video Walkthrough

And one more lvl 10 soloution is easier than the walkthrough.Use Boxman is another new puzzle game by Greg Sergeant. Uncover a means to the exit suggest by spreading simple-minded clones come do jobs for youJust collection two the the "copies" with one running between the other two in the last tunnel with 1 where the spikey wall will be and then go back and manipulate the critical switch for this reason the copy it s okay the boxUse Boxmen Walkthrough