Golf towels. Everyone has around 14 of them and also nobody yes, really talks much about them, they simply hang there and also do their job. Just about every towel the end there is the very same as the one before, exact same hole come hook her towel clip to and also the very same cotton fabric, i guess you can say they’re as with a bathtub towel. Ns was no exaggerating earlier, ns really do have 14 golf towels yet in fact I alternative between 2 and also maybe a 3rd if i’m lazy and also both are caked v mud. The point is, they’re just not that great, because that the most component they acquire the project done ns guess however really over there are also times that they simply really don’t occupational that well. In comes the Club gloves Microfiber Caddy bath towel to fully change every little thing we thought we knew around the golf towel.

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One rapid note from the company:Demanded by tourism players and their caddies, these premium microfiber golf towels exceed expert tour standards and also outperform any type of other bath towel in golf.

Features a huge elongated center slit for fitting over society headWaffle-textured towels space super absorbentHolds 300% the its load in waterNon-abrasive and virtually lint free8″ center slit conveniently fits end golf clubs in golf bagBlack trim

Right away when you open up the package you know that you holding ~ above a different kind the towel all together. The waffle texture combined with the ultra-soft microfiber towel make this bath towel amazingly soft come the touch. It’s tough to define exactly but this towel is not favor anything you’ve ever before used, it’s lightweight and also as you holding that you have the right to just tell that it will perform specifically how you want it come while out on the golf course.

Rather than a hole for a clip choose just around every other golf towel that has ever before been produced the Caddy Towel has actually a 8” slit ideal in the facility of it. The idea behind this design is to permit you to conveniently fit it over among your clubs for hanging and easy access each time you require to speak to on it. I made decision my 4 iron and was really pleased how it hung there and also really continued to be in ar rather nicely. Not as soon as did ns drop the bath towel or have actually it autumn off while getting clubs in and out. Sure as soon as it was time come hit my 4 stole I had actually to move it, yet that was very quick and easy so absolutely no difficulties to report there at all.

Golf towels obtain used because that a lot much more than simply cleaning dirt and grass turn off of our society heads after a shot. Mine golf towels usually finish up serving as a napkin, a sweat rag, and also a to wash cloth, among other things. A little catchy line on the map inside the package caught my eye and was definitely really accurate, it states “Stong enough to eliminate dirt, grease, and also sun block off your hands, yet gentle enough to clean her glasses.” ns can certainly say without skepticism that this bath towel does every one of that and plenty more. I might see mechanics getting great use out of these towels together well.

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The towel sent out for testimonial was white and my first thoughts after gift so impression with exactly how it feels was the there is no means this thing will remain white because that long. Well as you have the right to see in the photo above I regulated to obtain the bath towel pretty dirty in my experimentation so i figured it to be time to throw it in the to wash to see how much (if any) of that bright white towel would come back. Ns threw the in v some other whites, a tiny Clorox bleach and just a small bit that Oxy Clean and also sure enough, as an excellent as new! not to mention, i am an extremely happy to report the the towel did not shrink or shrivel increase or lose any type of of the soft feeling after going v the laundry, certainly a very good thing!!

While the right golf towel absolutely will no shave any type of strokes off of her handicap it absolutely can aid you save your clubs clean and make you a little much more comfortable if on the golf course. Many towels carry out an OK task of controlling these tasks, yet is one OK task really great enough because that you? If you demand quality in all elements of the golf friend play then you definitely should no be stable for some cotton bath towel to gain the job done. Execute yourself a favor and also get out and also pick up this towel, you’ll be glad you did. The Club gloves is easily accessible in several colors at digital golf sleeve stores and also directly from Club gloves at for $19.95.