Adjusting attract Weight Is yes, really Simple.

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What you will certainly need. The only tools you must do this efficiently at residence are a bow scale and also an allen wrench.

The first thing to execute is put your bow into max draw weight configuration. All this method is to completely tighten the top and bottom limb bolts by turning each 3 turns at a time.

Compound Bow limb Bolt

Don’t rely on the object count an approach if friend can help it. Together we mentioned at the top of this article, the best way to adjust the bow is to start by completely tightening both top and bottom limb bolts the same tightness and also bottomed the end all the way.

Just rotate the top bolt three turns, if it will go that many, climate drop down and repeat by turning the bottom bolt 3 turns. Repeat this until you’ve completely tightened each limb bolt snugly.

Now check your draw weight. This have to be the maximum draw weight your bow is advertised to it is in from the manufacturer.

Tip: once top and also bottom limb bolts are totally tightened the a good idea to usage a mite to placed a mark on each bolt in ~ the same place. This renders it much simpler to store track that the variety of full revolutions, or partial transformations you make to each limb bolt.


Before you start backing the bolts out, it’s very important to keep in psychic that everything you perform to the optimal limb you desire to do to the bottom body equally.

For example if you loosen the top limb bolt one turn, climate loosen the bottom limb bolt one turn immediately after you finish with the optimal bolt.

This method if you loosen the top bolt 3 revolutions, then stop and also immediately loosen the bottom body bolt 3 turns.

You do not do it loosen either the top or bottom limb bolts more than 3 transforms each at one time before checking the newly adjusted actual attract weight through your bow scale.

Now girlfriend should automatically check the present draw weight of her compound bow on your bow scale. This keeps the cams synchronized and enables for preferably accuracy. Girlfriend don’t want to be absent your target perform you?

To change the attract weight keep in mental we are actually unloading much less stress by loosening, or loading much more stress by tightening the bolts onto the four of your bow. This tension is the flex amount of the bow and we are exactly doing the by tightening or loosening the bolts on every limb of your compound bow thus offering you an increased or lessened draw weight.

How come Raise draw Weight to Maximum Poundage.

If you desire max out your draw weight then you will desire to tighten the limb bolts by transforming them clockwise until both body bolts are tight and also both limbs are against the riser.

Be careful not to over tighten them. A great snug tightness will certainly do. The idea here is to protect against the body bolts equally tightened right into the limbs.

Beginning link bow owners may worry about the bolts backing out. Don’t worry due to the fact that vibration to her bow is by number of factors. It’s caused by the activity of release the arrowhead towards her target, walking with your bow through the woods, and by road or dealing with vibration as you travel through your bow.

Many people keep their bows in a transporting case, (click here to check out a an excellent article on a great carrying situation choice) which will permit you to take her compound bow on a advertising airline or bus.

This not only avoids lots of undesirable vibration yet protects the cams, string, sights and also limbs of your compound bow. Store in mind that going to maximum poundage may not be suitable for start archers. can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: Bowhunting How-To: draw Weight convey | (
Here’s A Quick video clip To aid From ours Friends in ~ Lancaster

Does transforming Draw Weight readjust The Sights?

Yes that can. One complete turn that the body bolts usually changes its weight around two pounds.

By raising your draw weight simply a couple of pounds in ~ a time you’ll avoid possibly injuring yourself as result of a bow malfunction or an arrow that pipeline the cable in an awkward angle.

Increasing or decreasing your draw weight can adjust your arrow’s tuning, and as stated over you’ll likely have actually to readjust your sight.

A an excellent rule of ignorance is to always check her sights by utilizing a stationary target to exercise with after you change your attract weight.

How many Feet Per second Do You shed Per pound Of decreased Draw Weight?

Keep in mind that for every 10 lbs. Of reduction in draw weight, a good rule of ignorance is to intend a ns in arrow speed about 15-20 FPS.

For plenty of beginners using a 70 lbs. Draw weight link bow (like the people used throughout IBO tests) is not possible.

A beginning of the person will likely go for a 55 or 60 lbs. Version. That’s an additional 15-20 FPS reduction.

It’s a huge bragging suggest in the compound bow community around how fast your bow is. Many civilization including myself desire to have actually a 300 fps and above speed bow.

It’s really not that big of a deal so just go v the attract weight your body is comfortable with. There room exercises you deserve to do at residence that will develop strength in your archery muscles.

It’s a famous topic and so lot that we’re linking come an write-up covering that an extremely subject. As soon as you finish this draw weight adjustment task then come back and walk to that post by clicking here.

Notice The Gap between The Riser and Limb In This Exhibit.

Gap between Riser and Limb

This is an instance of a bow the is not maxed the end to that full attract weight. The full draw weight that this be afflicted with Archery bow is 70 lbs. The existing draw weight is 55 lbs. This gap won’t be visible once the bow is adjusted to that full attract weight that 70 lbs.

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Both body bolts, top and bottom should be the exact same length. As result of them gift the same length you deserve to count the threads and get the ideal optimal adjustment of top and bottom risers and also feel confident her cams will continue to be synced.

Don’t count on the thread count method if girlfriend can help it. As we pointed out at the peak of this article, the best method to change the bow is to start by fully tightening both top and also bottom body bolts the very same tightness and bottomed the end all the way.

That’s every there is come it!

Now you have the right to practice v your bow and make sure the sights space correct by check accuracy. We have actually written one more article the covers the ideal sight adjustment technique right here.