British musician from The Beatles. Also a 1964 newspaper joked as soon as someone doubted if he was 5ft 4 and wore elevator "there appears to be no reliable figure on Ringo"s height, regardless of the initiatives of statisticians and also entomologists everywhere". In solution to being asked "Any various other Beatles myths you"d treatment to dispel", he said "Yes, that I"m only 5-foot-7."

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Your guess: v (Optional)5ft 45ft 4 ¼5ft 4 ½5ft 4 ¾5ft 55ft 5 ¼5ft 5 ½5ft 5 ¾5ft 65ft 6 ¼5ft 6 ½5ft 6 ¾5ft 75ft 7 ¼5ft 7 ½5ft 7 ¾5ft 8Peak Height5ft 55ft 5 ¼5ft 5 ½5ft 5 ¾5ft 65ft 6 ¼5ft 6 ½5ft 6 ¾5ft 75ft 7 ¼5ft 7 ½5ft 7 ¾5ft 85ft 8 ¼5ft 8 ½5ft 8 ¾5ft 9
Ian Vector claimed on 15/Jul/21There should really it is in a page on this site for take care of Nilsson. He was quite famous in the so late 60"s and also early 70"s. Anyways, I"ve heard resources say he to be 6" 1", 6" 1.5", and 6" 2". Together for Ringo, I"d speak he to be no taller than 5" 6" at his peak.
Editor Rob
Patdancer stated on 25/Jan/21Starr was no an ext than 5"5" in the 60"S. Not sure why anyone is saying 5"6 or 5"7" ? several vid the end there. Anyway, Cheers

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thomas l said on 26/Oct/20Ringo always gave me the impression of being closer come 5"7 than 5"6 at his peak, despite I"m not fairly sure he to be solidly in 5"7 territory.
Miss Sandy Cowell claimed on 7/Jul/20