I love travel to both Portugal and Spain (and Latin America, the course). Moreover, Brazil is actually my favorite country … in the world!

I learnt Spanish if living nearby to a Spanish-speaking barrio in Washington, DC in the US.

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My time in Washington, DC likewise included my very first trip to Brazil and also the start of a deep love affair v this magnificent country.

Having learnt both languages within 3 years of every other, ns am really mindful of how comparable and different they are to every other.Frequently, i am request the following two questions:

1. How similar are Spanish and Portuguese?

2. Don’t girlfriend mix up the words when switching native Portuguese come Spanish and vice versa?

View top top Niterói from the sugar Loaf hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Won’t ns get perplexed if I shot to learn both simultaneously?

So didn’t I acquire really puzzled when discovering Portuguese just after ~ Spanish? 

Didn’t discovering Portuguese worsen my Spanish?

In the beginning, I definitely struggled to keep both separate. I would often use Spanish words through Portuguese endings if i was unsure of the Portuguese version but that’s an essential tactic to keep the flow going in a new language so that’s a great thing to do in the quick run.

However, once I had to switch earlier to Spanish, i would frequently get confused with Portuguese and it took a certain amount the concentration to readjust to speak both languages.

In the end, after about 2 year of discovering Portuguese my brain was maybe to separate the two languages without any type of problems. Therefore ultimately, enabling for the early stage confusion, the answer is ‘no’. Discovering Portuguese after Spanish will certainly not considerably worsen your Spanish (and vice versa as lengthy as friend stick in ~ the brand-new language).

Learn both if friend are urged enough!

I to be really encouraged to discover Portuguese since I loved my trips to Brazil (as fine as other lusophone nations like Portugal and Cabo Verde) therefore much. And also that’s yes, really the key: motivation!

If friend don’t have a solid reason to discover the second language then you might not monitor through and learn it correctly so it’s critical to ensure that you have this motivation when friend embark on learning the 2nd cognate language.

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I love traveling to Brazil, Spain, Portugal and the remainder of Latin America so if you share my enthusiasm for these areas then i encourage to walk ahead and also follow with to find out all your beautiful languages!

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Have girlfriend learnt Portuguese, Spanish or both? Or maybe you’ve learnt 2 or much more languages indigenous the same language family? If so, I’d love to hear her experiences. Write them in the comments section listed below this short article or send me a message! I review all the comments that ns receive.