The fatality of Beowulf


An evaluation of the epos of beo wolf cannot be finish without examining Beowulf's Death.

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There are countless important aspects to the story, including the 8th century Germanic culture that is the historical setting and hubris, his tragic flaw. To totally understand the death of Beowulf, one must have a simple understanding of every facet of the story.

Therefore, this web page will start by providing a very brief review of the story the Beowulf, including the plot that the poem, and then study Beowulf's fatality in the ending. Its purpose is come answer the following questions:

How did beo wolf die?Why did beowulf die?


Summary the the Story Beowulf

The historic Setting

"Although the city itself is English in language and origin, it deals no with aboriginal Englishmen but with their germanic forebears"- Norton Anthology of English Language, p30

The epic beowulf is an 8th century germanic (or an ext appropriately Anglo-Saxon) epic poem by an unknown author, and also preserved in writing by a Christian monk (or monks) approximately the 10th Century AD.

It is hailed as among the greatest examples of Old English Literature, and also one of the earliest such writings along with The Dream of the Rood. Old English, although the old precursor come the modern-day English spoken through lot of the human being today, is virtually entirely incomprehensible to contemporary English.

Beowulf Plot Overview

Beowulf follows the titular protagonist, who is a brave geatish warrior (and who ultimately becomes king that the Geats), as he is crossing the ocean to Denmark to assist his Tribe's friend and ally Hrothgar.

Hrothgar is the aging king that the Danes. His people possesses a large Mead hall, dubbed the hall of Heorot, the is under siege through a dreadful monster. No the king no one his guys are match for the beast, and they live in fear of that pillages at night. But Beowulf defends the mead hall with an effective strength,unrivaled bravery and excessive proud (known together hubris), and kills the beast and its mother after she seeks to avenge she child's death.

Beowulf is hailed as a hero and also returns come Gotaland (located in the southern component of modern-day Sweden) soon thereafter. He shortly becomes king and rules valiantly for countless years, till a dragon intimidates his an excellent city. He kills the beast but is fatally injured in the process. His fatality is a testimony to his hubris due to the fact that he determined to struggle the dragon alone to acquire glory rather than enlist the assist of others.

Comparison that Old English and modern English

Selected currently from beowulf in the original Old English and translated into contemporary English.

Old EnglishModern English

Hwæt! wē Gār-Dena in ġeār-dagum

What! we of Gare-Danes (lit. Spear-Danes) in yore-days

Oft Scyld Scēfing sceaþena þrēatum

Oft go Scyld Scefing the scather threats (troops),

ofer hronrāde hȳran scolde,

over whale-road (kenning because that "sea") listen should



How did beo wolf die

Beowulf's death

The fatality of beo wolf is the most important element of the story since it is the culmination the the themes and motifs that make the epic poem stand the check of time.

The thief

"There was a hidden passage unknown come men, but someone regulated to enter by it and interfere through the heathen trove...that journey right into rage, as the civilization of that nation would soon discover" Beowulf, present 2214-2220

A slave in Beowulf's kingdom entered the cave of a large dragon with a mystery passage unknown come anyone else. The person, described in the message as a thief, bring away a goblet native the cave that is protected by a dragon.

The dragon soon awakes to uncover out that several of his treasure is missing. Infuriated, It seeks vengeance. The dragon exit its cave in a explode a fire breath and arrogance. The notices footprints top from the cave and toward the kingdom and also begins come unleash its fury on the citizens below.

Beowulf and also the dragon

"Then the wound dealt by the ground-burner ealier started to scald and also swell; Beowulf uncovered deadly toxicity suppurating inside of him" Norton, currently 2712-2714

The dragon that terrorizes the kingdom is one enormous and terrible creature. That strikes are afraid in even some the the many brave men.

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As king, beowulf is the can be fried protector that his people. That defends his kingdom as a great warrior king and also slays the beast in one epic fight involving balls that fire and also razor spicy talons.