UPDATE: Rodney Atkins sent out a statement come benidormclubdeportivo.org after ~ this story to be published. "The most essential thing is that Elijah and his friends are fine, not a scrape on them," the declare reads. "He was, unfortunately, hit by a drunk driver and his van is totaled. I don’t even want to entertain the believed of what can have happened, I just thank God for the reality that anyone is alright."

Rodney Atkins says his 16-year-old boy Elijah to be uninjured after ~ being involved in a drunk-driving accident critical week.

Speaking come Taste of Country, Atkins said that Elijah, who began the brand-new school year critical week, was in an accident in i beg your pardon a "methed-out drunk driver hit him."

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No various other details were easily accessible at press time around where the event took place or that the various other driver was -- requests for comment indigenous Atkins" camp had not been went back at press time -- yet the singer stated Elijah was "fine...not a scratch on him, however it totaled his truck."

The "Caught up in the Country" singer defined writing one of his biggest hits (2006"s"Watching You") because that Elijah when he was a child, through the song"s message getting renewed prominence after the scare. In the tune, Atkins tells the tale of himdriving in his automobile with his boy in a booster seat when he all of sudden slams on the brakes, sending out the components of a Happy enjoy the meal flying. The small boy curses, and when asked where he learned the four-letter word, he says, "I"ve been watching girlfriend dad, ain"t the cool?"

"I talked to him, and also I said, "It"s okay, girlfriend walked far from this. It"s an opportunity to watch around, and also something an excellent is gonna come the end of it,"" Atkins says he said his boy after the accident. "And he said, "Oh, i know, Dad. I recognize from the town hall you; I"ve learned that as soon as the worst things happen in her life to save your head up, since that"s once some that the ideal things are gonna happen.""

After 7 years there is no a brand-new studio album,Atkins returned previously this year v "Caught Up," v his fifthalbum because that Curb slated for later on this year.

Watch Atkins talk around the accident below.

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