Matt Hardy, along with his brothers Jeff, came to be household name in one of WWE’s gold periods in the so late 1990s – perspective Era. Return Matt had actually a reasonably successful singles career for himself, the was ideal known for his time in the tag team division as one-half the The hardy Boys. Matt Hardy’s job value and his net worth space as high together they room today, in no big part, thanks to the incredible success and popularity the duo appreciated in may be the many successful period in skilled wrestling history.

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Before delving into Matt’s network worth and his other ventures, let us first take a look back at the near two-decade job of the elder Hardy. 

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Matt Hardy was born ~ above September 27th, 1974 in Cameron, north Carolina. Matt durable was terrific student throughout his college days and even secured a scholarship to any type of college of his choice. He decided to pursue engineering at the college of phibìc Carolina however dropped out a year later. 

Growing increase as huge professional rings fans, Matt and Jeff hardy would often imitate the move of your favourite wrestlers in their own, created federation called Trampoline wrestles Federation (TWF).

The continuous Boys established their own promotion dubbed Organization of contemporary Extreme Grappling arts (OMEGA) Championship Wrestling, along with some of their friends. This organisation played an instrumental role in facilitating the beginning of the careers the both, Matt and Jeff Hardy.

After working 2 years for smaller sized promotions, Matt Hardy starting working together an improvement talent (jobber) in the WWE in 1994. 4 years later, he was offered a full-time address the company, together his brother Jeff and also they went on to have actually an incredible success in the tags team department of the WWE throughout the perspective Era.

Pioneering the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match concept through their high-octane and daredevil style; the high-flying tandem were connected in some of the many gruelling, physical and also exhilarating matches with Edge and Christian and The Dudleys (Bubba Ray and also D-Von Dudley). Matt Hardy came to be an eight-time sign team champion during his tenure in the WWE.

He also had an accomplished singles career catching the ECW Championship, WWE United claims Championship, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, WWE european Championship and also the WWE Hardcore Championship once each.

Hardy had a tumultuous year-long stint v the full Nonstop action Wrestling in 2011, during which he to be battling a litany of an individual demons and also legal issues. His problems ultimately observed Matt Hardy gaining suspended native TNA.

Following his TNA departure, Matt Hardy completed in many independent promotions end the next twenty-four month such as Ring that Honor, agree Wrestling Syndicate, family Wrestling Entertainment and also Maryland Championship Wrestling among others. Hardy returned to TNA in 2014, becoming a two-time TNA human being Heavyweight Championship.

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However, may be his greatest success together a singles performer came after his human being title runs, when he underwent a gimmick and also character revolution as the controversial and polarising damaged Matt Hardy. After ~ feuding with Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy), the duo reunited and also again started teaming together, to win the TNA people Tag Team Championship.

For years, Matt was viewed as the less crucial Hardy brother, but due to the ingenuity and also brilliance of damaged Matt hardy character, he has actually been able to free himself native his younger sibling’s shadow and also is thought about as the finest character in professional wrestling and arguably the much more relevant of the two brothers.

Matt Hardy’s network worth – $10 million

Due to your overwhelming fame and popularity, Matt and Jeff provided to jointly earn in overabundance of $350,000, during their stint v the WWE together a tag team. Castle were among the most influential merchandise sellers, which certainly played a substantial contributing variable in your overall yearly earnings.

After his separating with his brother and also embarking top top a singles career, Matt obtained up to $320,000 downside guarantee, in addition to a re-superstructure of was sales, as he still marketed a most merchandise for the company.

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Following his leave from the WWE, he completed on the live independence circuit top top a per-appearance basis and also commanded respectable pay.

Matt Hardy at this time pockets a an easy yearly salary of approximately $330,000 from his TNA contract, i beg your pardon is greater than what he made throughout his WWE years.

Matt Hardy’s House and also Cars

Matt Hardy resides in Cameron, phibìc Carolina through his wife, Rebecca Sky and also son Maxell ‘Max’ Hardy. His mansion is surrounded by greenery and little plants to the best side of the entrance of the house.

The driveway and also the garage are positioned behind ~ above the left side of the house. Matt Hardy"s car collection consists of a yellow Corvette and a black color Cadillac Escalade. There is a small passageway between Hardy’s kitchen and also living room, is a wall surface which has actually one big cross and four small crosses flanked on the upper and lower side, as Matt hardy is a big fan the the prize of the cross.

In in between the kitchen and also living room is also a cabinet, wherein Hardy has presented wrestling memorabilia such as action figures and photo arrangement, i m sorry contain pictures of him with his father and brother, Jeff Hardy.

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The life room is rather spacious v two sofas and also one big chair in former of the television. Through the next of the television is a fireplace. Remainder of the life room is decorated with more wrestling memorabilia including several activity figures and DVDs.

There is one more room adjacent to the life room which Hardy categorises together the ‘work room’ where he keeps his laptops. There’s another cupboard which contains more DVDs. There are different compartments because that books and old video clip Home system tapes. This room likewise features a wall surface with photographs of Hardy v his household right native his childhood.

One that the bedrooms i m sorry Hardy rectal has another giant TV, bed and also a couple of more professional wrestling memorabilia, in particular, initial Hardy present tapes. The upper floor has two an ext bedrooms.

Hardy’s various other Ventures

Matt Hardy showed up on a 1999 episode of that 70’s show. He also made appearances top top Fear aspect in 2002 and also Scare methods in 2009.

The continuous Boys additionally penned their autobiographies entitled The continuous Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire. Matt continuous was also featured in a film dubbed Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies, together with his wife, Rebecca Sky.

Matt Hardy tho operates together the co-owner of OMEGA Championship Wrestling, follow me with good friend Shane Helms, recognized to experienced wrestling fans together Hurricane/Gregory Helms.

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Here room the net worth figures of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend Lita, brothers Jeff Hardy and rivals Abyss and also Ethan Carter III.

Jeff Hardy$12 million dollars
Lita$8 million dollars
Abyss$4.5 million dollars
Ethan Carter III$1.3 million dollars