Kimbella Vanderhee Biography and also Wiki

Kimbella Vanderhee is an American reality TV star, social media personality, and also entrepreneur. She is finest known for she 2011 function on VH1’s Love & i know well Hop: new York TV present as the girl friend of Juelz Santana. Her fame top top the show was catapulted through the assorted physical fights that she had actually with other members that the cast, consisting of Erica Mena and also Chrissy Lampkin.

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This publicity, albeit negative, sustained Kimbella’s popularity nevertheless. She also owns a line of wristwatches called Bella. Prior to she ended up being the renowned Tv star the we know today, Kimbella functioned as a model and even dabbled in music videos choose 2009’s Pitbull’s Hotel Room Service.

She provides her substantial fanbase in she social media accounts to industry her products and promote her picture as a brand. That is precious stating the Kimbella boasts of end 2.4 million Instagram followers and 503.2K followers on Twitter.

Kimbella Vanderhee Age and also Birthday

Kimbella was born top top October 13, 1983, in Miami, FL, unified States. The reality Tv star is 36 year old. She celebrates her date of birth every October 13.

Kim Vanderhee’s photo

Kimbella Vanderhee Height and Body Measurements

Kimbella Vanderhee Parents and also Brother

Kimbella to be born to interracial parents. Her father is african American when her mommy is Caucasian. The father is named Ottelie and also the mommy is called Sherry. The is reported that Kim’s childhood was an overwhelming as her father to be abusive. She also has a brother called Kenneth.

Kimbella sister Dj Lil Kim

Not much info is available around Kim’s sister. Follow to part sources, she has actually a sister who is a expert Dj who goes by the phase name Lil Kim. Kim is, however, not related to American Rapper and also songwriter Lil’ Kim.

Kimbella Vanderhee Husband

Kim is married to American rapper and also hip-hop artist, Juelz Santana. The pair was actors together as in genuine life top top Love and also Hip-Hop: new York in 2011. The two obtained married after more than a te of dating. They started dating in 2009 finishing in Juelz’s proposal top top Nov 23, 2018.

Their relationship has, however, not been devoid of controversies and also drama. The height of your woes was as soon as Juelz to be sentenced come 27 months in prison for make the efforts to carry a invited gun plank an airplane. The is still in jail offer time together his sentence began on march 1, 2019.

Kimbella Vanderhee Kids, Julz Santana Kids

Kim and also her husband Juelz Santana had been in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2009. The couple finally got married ~ above January 10, 2019, after ~ a decade of dating. Over the course of their on and off relationship, the two have three children. A boy Juelz Santana James that was born in 2010 and a daughter Bella Monroe James who was born in 2012. Kim’s new baby is a second son Santana James, born in 2019.

Kimbella Vanderhee network Worth

Kim started her career together a design and video clip vixen before she made she break in television. She has delighted in a rewarding career hence far and also there is no doubt that she’s do some great chums. She is estimated to have actually a net worth of roughly $800 thousand and its ever-growing.

Kimbella Vanderhee Nationality

She is one American by nationality. Kimbella was born top top October 13, 1983, in Miami, FL, USA. She is of afri American descent as she to be born of an interracial union.

How Old Is Kimbella Vanderhee?

She is 36 year old. Kim will certainly be turning 37 year in 2020 ~ above her birthday October 13.

Kim Kimbella Vanderhee

The fact Tv star and social media personality is also known by the nickname Kim. This is actually a shortened variation of she name an initial name, Kimbella.

Who Is Kimbella Vanderhee?

She is an American reality TV star, social media personality, and also entrepreneur ideal known because that being a actors member that Love & i know well Hop: new York.

Kimbella Vanderhee Plastic Surgery and Tattoos

Kim go under the knife because that Plastic surgery after offering birth to her third child. She had her booty enhanced with BBL, the Brazilian butt lift surgery at Mia Aesthetics. She hasn’t to be secretive around her plastic surgery yet rather taken her fans along her journey. Kim even released 7-day post-operation results for her Instagram followers.

She is additionally an squid lover. Kim has actually several tattoos on her body, on her booty, running under her ago and twisting to the front nearly to her honey pot.

Kimbella Vanderhee Hair

She has long blonde hair.

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Kimbella Vanderhee Ig

Kim boasts of end 2.4 million Instagram followers and 503.2K followers on Twitter. It is on these platforms that she does she marketing and promotional activities.