(UPDATED) Shea"s "How great Thou Art" identified "the belief of a generation that Graham helped carry to Jesus."

Update (April 18): Billy Graham"s biographer, william Martin, readily available CT his reflections on Shea, consisting of the singer"s many lasting achievement.

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Also, the BGEA has created a memorial website through stories and photos the Shea"s life.


(Editor"s note: This obituary has been dramatically updated with videos, photos, commentary, and other links.)

Famed gospel singer George Beverly Shea, who regularly opened for Billy Graham in ~ his crusades for practically six decades, died Tuesday evening "following a brief illness." He to be 104.

"Shea"s rendition the "How an excellent Thou Art" involved define the belief of a protestant generation that Graham helped bring to Jesus Christ," listed the associated Press in a prolonged obituary. "He carry out live before an approximated 200 million human being at campaigns over the year — taking him from phibìc Dakota to north Korea and also beyond."

Gaither Music broke the news top top Twitter:

Sad to Announce...George Beverly Shea Passes far at period 104:bit.ly/11bls5w– Gaither Music Co. (
Gaithermusic) ...1
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Posted by:
Jeremy Weber

ctnewseditorApril 16, 2013

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Died: George Beverly Shea, Longtime Singer at Billy Graham Crusades


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Died: George Beverly Shea, Longtime Singer at ...
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