Danny Koker is an American fact star, producer, singer, and also celebrity mechanic.Or us simply call him the many with plenty of professions. The is famed for his show “Counting Cars.”Let’s acquire to understand all around Danny Koker.

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Danny Koker fast Facts

Birthday: January 5, 1964Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, United claims of AmericaAge: 57 years oldZodiac Sign: CapricornHeight: 6 Feet 2 InchesRelationship Status: MarriedWife: Korie KokerChildren: N/ANet Worth: $13 million

Who Is Danny Koker? Family, Background, Education

Danny is a celebrity mechanic, producer, singer, and singer. The has many professions and let me tell friend he has succeeded in all.Danny was born in a household of 4. His father, Daniel Koker, that was a musician, and his mother, mary Koker.Danny also has a sibling named Kim.Similarly, his father to be a musician and played for bands favor foggy flow boys and many more.Moreover, Danny’s uncle was also into music production. Both his father and also his uncle inspired Danny, and he gone after a career in music.At a young age, he even went touring v his uncle’s band, “The Rex Hum Bard family Singers.”Seeing his uncle touring and becoming a component of it affected his career and motivated that to become like them.On the various other hand, in addition to music, Koker additionally began budding love for automobiles.His love for automobiles began in his childhood days, mainly due to the fact that his dad bought Danny his an initial car when he to be eight year old.Danny attended sink high school and later attend the college of Nevada for higher studies and also graduated native the same.Suggested Read: Actress Meg Donnelly friend In 2021, Age, Family, network Worth

Danny Koker Wife, Children, Family

Danny koker is a married man.Koker married a beautiful woman called Korie, who mutual some usual interests through him.Mainly in locations like business and following a passion.As per sources, the duo dated for part time gained engaged. Your pre-wedding partnership spanned five years.Finally, Danny and also Korie exchanged vows and got married in 2015. Due to the fact that then, Mr. & Mrs. Koker continue to be in a happy marriage.
Danny Koker with wife Korie Koker. (Korie/Instagram)What seems to bother fans is the fact that Danny and also Korie have actually not started their own family.Yes, the Koker pair does no have any kind of children as of now.Neither Danny nor Korie have actually revealed any plans regarding having youngsters or also adopting together well.Suggested Read: Skye Herjavec: Robert Herjavec’s Daughter’s age & net Worth

Who Is mam Korie Koker?

Born top top 8 august 1965, Korie is a successful businesswoman.
Korie Koker (Korie/Instagram)Before being married to Danny, she operated as a production coordinator at one of the local television networks.Not just this, Korie offered career in music a try. She started singing and also formed a band with her friends.However, her band never had actually their breakthrough and also sadly got disbanded eventually.The pair together opened and owned a restaurant referred to as count’s Vamp’d rock bar and grill in ras Vegas.
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Further about her career, she is the co-founder of a tattoo shop referred to as ‘Count’s Tattoo Company’ through her husband.Despite every her endeavors, the is really clear that Korie is mostly known as Danny koker’s wife.Nevertheless, the couple is happily married to each other till this date.Suggested Read: Erik Salitan, Life below Zero: Wife, Children, net Worth, 2021

Danny Koker job & net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Danny is a male of countless professions.Even Danny’s household were interested in trying out brand-new things, so they walk ahead and bought the ras Vegas TV channel “Channel 33”.There he play the personality of cool count rider. And even became the organize of that series named “Saturday Friday at the movies” in 1990.This initially gained him a many fame.Danny has millions of net worth the he earned indigenous his assorted professions. He own a net worth the $13 million together of 2021.Here’s a thorough malfunction of his career.Suggested Read: Meredith Marks net Worth, Age, Husband, Divorce, Now

Danny opened His very own Shop

After doing great in television, he currently wanted to revolve his hobbies that automobiles into a career. How?He went front to open his very own cars and motorcycles customization and also restoration shop referred to as ‘Counts Kustoms.’This feat continues to be impressive, provided the fact that the is self-taught in the world of auto mechanics.

Danny Koker series & Shows

In 2010 Danny did an additional show, the pawn stars, by the history channel. Here he showed up as himself.The owner the ‘Counts Kustoms’ top top the collection many times. This was as soon as he ended up being a family members name.When Danny received a many fame through that series, the history channel decided to struggle the hammer in the hot rod.You should be thinking, why? The channel took advantage of his fame and also came increase with another show through him.The new show was called “Counting Cars.” This show showed approximately the daily tasks at ‘Counts Kustoms.’ and Danny himself was the producer that this show.The adhering to remains as among the longest-running shows.Additionally, Danny was part of one more host horror tv collection named “Saturday Fright in ~ The Movies” on Saturday nights in ~ 10 pm, indigenous 1990-2001.Before his fame indigenous counting cars, Danny to be popularly known as counting cool. The name come from his appearance.Danny would certainly ride roughly the Vegas roads dressed up choose a hip on his pimped-out motorcycle.In the 90’s people absolutely known Danny was component of tv series named Saturday fright at the movies, where he would entertain his viewers through some fear flicks.Suggested Read: Jasmine Roth Age, Bio, Baby, Husband, net Worth

Danny In A Band

This multitalented male is also the lead singer of a las Vegas-based difficult rock band dubbed ‘Counts 77.’Danny himself created the band, i beg your pardon was consisted of of members like Stoney Curtis, man Zitto, Paul Disibio, Barry Barnes, and Tommy Paris.Some of their hit songs to be summer that ’77, Lovin’ like this, etc.; this band ended up being massively popular.

How Old Is Danny Koker?

Danny Koker is 57 year old. He was born top top January 5, 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, United claims of America.
Danny Koker is married to Korie Koker. The pair married in 2015. Korie is a businesswoman and also co-founder the Counts Vamp’d las Vegas.

Does Danny Koker have actually Kids?

Dany Koker and also wife Korie Koker perform not have any type of children together of now.

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Danny Koker net Worth

From his considerable career in music, and also auto mechanics, Danny Koker has a huge net precious of $13 million in 2021.
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